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'One Tree Hill' Season 9 Scoop: The Stars Reveal 8 Major Secrets

Tue, January 10, 2012 2:35pm EDT by Andy Swift 49 Comments
one tree hill season 9
Courtesy of The CW took a trip to Tree Hill, and it sounds like the show’s ninth season might just be its craziest yet!

Well, kids, the day we’ve looked forward to — and also dreaded — is almost here. The final season of One Tree Hill premieres at 8 p.m. tomorrow (Jan. 11) on The CW, and I was fortunate enough to be on the show’s Wilmington, N.C., set to get the scoop straight from the stars! Bethany Joy Galeotti sums the whole thing up pretty nicely (“near death experiences, jealousy, psychotic breakdowns, post-traumatic stress”), but let’s see what the other residents of Tree Hill have to say about what they’ll be up to during the show’s final run.

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Haley’s life falls apart (thanks, Dan): 

“Things very quickly start to unravel,” Bethany tells us of Haley’s life in Tree Hill. “There are some issues with another restaurant that is in town … so there are some sort of fun little escapades that she and Brooke go on trying to right the name of Karen’s Café. Meanwhile, Haley’s trying to deal with having Dan around and deciding whether she’s going to let this person back in her life and into her family’s life. And Nathan is away, and that’s taking a huge toll on their relationship. It’s a lot about Haley finding out what her limits are.

Brooke has daddy (and baby) issues:

“You’re going to meet someone who’s really relevant to Brooke’s life who you’ve been wanting to meet for a long time,” Sophia Bush tells us. (Click here to see pics of said “someone.”) “You’re [also] seeing Brooke and Julian with babies. Infants are really hard to deal with on set, so we have kids now who are pretty close to a year playing a little younger than they are. The babies are amazing. They just sit there looking at us everyday, and I think, ‘You’re the best babies ever.’ It’s good.”

Julian breaks down: 

“There’s a situation with one of the kids, and … Julian really puts a lot of blame on himself for this thing that happens,” Austin Nichols tells us.

Chris Keller sees plenty of action (but not that kind):

“I use a bit of trickery to get myself back into Tree Hill,” Tyler Hilton tells us. “I’m done with touring and have to fake my way back into everyone’s lives, so it’s kind of funny. It’s also such an action-packed season … but it doesn’t revolve around chicks, much to my dismay. Most of the season, a lot of my stuff is with Chase and we totally bromance out. Chris Keller needs friends — he never has guy friends — and he just thinks Chase is the coolest, which is hilarious.”

Wedding bells for Quinn & Clay?

“I feel like this season really tests Clay and [Quinn’s] relationship, and not in a way that we’re in comas or it’s life-threatening, but it really tests the strength of our love for one another,” Shantel VanSanten tells us. “I think that if we make it through … there is a place where forever exists for them. I don’t know if I want us to get married. A part of me likes being non-conventional.”

‘History repeats itself’ for Clay:

“Have we ever seen Clay not have issues?” Robert Buckley asks us. “From dating dead people on the low-low to being shot by said person’s doppelanger, I mean… yeah. There’s the old adage that ‘history repeats itself,’ and Clay and Quinn are absolutely no exception to the rule. They’re not out of the drama woods yet. You’re going to get a good chance to see if we got what it takes to go the distance.”

Chase & Alex have commitment issues: 

“[Chase] is back in town and working things with Alex, still managing the bar,” Stephen Colletti tells us. “When the season picks up they’re going strong and they’re both about to take some big steps in their lives. You’ll see some steps further with their commitment to each other — and then maybe someone being a little reluctant.”

Even Jamie’s life takes an emotional turn:

“He’s getting very emotional,” Jackson Brundage tells us. “Which is not easy for me. I like to be funny. [Jamie will have] tons and tons of drama.”

I’ll have more scoop from the One Tree Hill cast as the season progresses, but for now, hit the comments section with your wishes for season nine. Who should get married? Who should hook up? Who should get killed off? (That last one’s just for the angrier fans.)

— Andy Swift

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