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Why Didn't Kris Jenner Urge Kim Kardashian To Get Marriage Counseling On 'KKTNY'?

Tue, January 10, 2012 1:28pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 26 Comments

Did anyone else watching this week’s episode of ‘KKTNY’ find it completely bizarre that Kris Jenner didn’t in any way encourage Kim to work at her marriage to Kris Humphries?

When Kim Kardashian confessed to her mother, Kris Jenner, in the back of a limousine  on the way to the airport in Dubai that “something in her relationship (with Kris Humphries) wasn’t right,” and that “married life just isn’t what I thought it would be with him,” Kris Jenner had a strange reaction, in my mind.

She didn’t get upset or overly excited. She didn’t put her arm around her daughter or touch her hand to comfort her. Neither did she look shocked or give her any advice … at all.

Kim had asked her mother if her feelings about her marriage to Kris Humphries were normal and Kris Jenner replied that they weren’t. “This is the stage in your relationship where you should be obsessed with each other,” she told her daughter — who isn’t even distraught, by the way.

But what’s so confusing is that despite assuring her daughter that the situation doesn’t sounds “normal,” she doesn’t advise her to get any marriage counseling or to even have a serious sitdown with Kris when she gets back from Dubai. Neither does she offer to help Kim and Kris at all. She says nothing.

Does this sound like how YOUR mother would act if you had just dropped the bombshell that your marriage was on the rocks after just six weeks and a $10 million wedding?

Mine (may she rest in peace) would have flipped out, and then rushed my husband and I into marriage counseling — not to a divorce lawyer.

But forget about me and my mom — what do the pros say about Kris Jenner’s reaction to Kim’s shocking announcement about her troubled marriage?

“It’s really strange,” believes relationship expert Cooper Lawrence. “Unless the mother really hated the husband or had felt her daughter was coerced into the marriage — and there’s no evidence that Kris Jenner felt that way – seeing herr daughter in pain should have elicited more of a reaction from Kris.”

“If Kris Jenner felt her daughter was in pain, she should have tried to alleviate it,” believes Lawrence, who is also the author of the new book The Yoga Club, “Kris should have offered to sit down with Kim and Kris Humphries or to help them get counseling.”

Kris Jenner’s reaction is especially abnormal for a woman who has had a successful marriage, believes relationship expert Diana Falzone. “The smart advice would have been for her to suggest that Kim and Kris meet with the pastor who married them or to get family counseling.”

Diana believes “a mother’s opinion” is very powerful, so when she told Kim the marriage was abnormal and didn’t encourage her to work at it, it sent a message to Kim that she could throw in the towel. If Kris had said — calm down, let’s figure this out –– maybe they’d still be married.

This isn’t all.

Pyschologist Jeff Gardere of insists that “this is the time when (Kris Jenner) should have pulled out all guns and said — ‘how can we help’ and should have encouraged Kim to address the issues in her marriage immediately.”

So why does pyschologist Gardere think Kris Jenner refrained from urging Kim to get mental help. “Maybe she’s overwhelmed with what’s on her plate and doesn’t have the energy to give her daughter what she needs. She may not have the emotional energy to give Kim more than superficial interaction.”

Wow! In any case — the shrinks and relationship experts agree- Kris Jenner’s reaction to her daughter’s shocking confession about her marriage WAS strange and they also agree — most moms would have immediately suggested counseling.

Coincidentally, Jenner appeared on Cooper Lawrence’s radio show — Scott & Todd  on PLJ in New York, the day after the divorce announcement to promote her then- new book, Kris Jenner … and All Things Kardashian, and claims Cooper, she didn’t come across as emotional at all when we asked about Kim filing for divorce. She just said “it’s a tough thing we’re going through.” At the time, we all thought, it was very strange.

Agreed! What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kris Jenner have immediately urged Kim to try and figure out what was wrong in her marriage, rather than just throwing in the towel?

— Bonnie Fuller

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