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'Jane By Design' Recap: Jane Finally Comes Face-To-Face With Gray

Tue, January 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments
Courtesy of ABC Family

Plus, Jane had to choose between her career and her love life. Do you think she made the right choice?

Jane (Erica Dasher) had to pull the ultimate “Fred Flinstone” on the Jan. 10 episode of Jane By Design when she realized her school formal was on the same night as Donovan Decker’s huge spring fashion preview show. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the big event also marked Gray’s (Andie MacDowell) return to New York! That’s right — there’s no longer a computer screen to protect little Jane from Gray’s fiery dragon-lady breath.

Fortunately, things ended up working out pretty well for Jane. Again. When the final model’s dress came undone at the last minute, she ended up wearing one of Jane’s own designs — and the crowd loved it! So for those of you keeping score at home, that’s two weeks in a row now that Jane has gotten totally lucky and avoided Gray’s wrath. (Am I the only one waiting for her to screw up?)

Jane’s love life, meanwhile, didn’t fare quite as well as her career this week. The super-dreamy Nick Fadden (Matthew Atkinson) asked her to meet him at the dance — thus giving her more attention in one night than she’s gotten from since their awkward “seven minutes in heaven” experience in middle school — but because she had to run back and forth to the fashion preview, she ended up missing him at the end of the night. She returned to the dance to find an empty ballroom. (Maybe she can’t have it all.)

But Nick wasn’t the only guy showering Jane with attention. Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) managed to detach himself from India (India de Beaufort) long enough to spend some quality time with Jane — which almost immediately meant him trying to attack her mouth with his own. But Jane wasn’t having any of it, and she totally earned my respect by brushing him off. I see a nice friendship evolving between those two, and considering it would be illegal if they did anything sexual together, let’s hope it stays strictly platonic.

I’d also like to take a minute to lavish Billy (Nick Roux) with all the praise he deserves. Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more after the show’s premiere, he totally stepped up his awesomeness in two ways this week: Not only did he help Jane pull off her night-long marathon between the dance and the preview, but he also finally stood up to Lulu (Meagan Tandy.) He was sick of her keeping their “relationship” a secret, so he broke things off before she got a chance to break his heart.

OK, Jane By Design fans, what did you all think of tonight’s episode? Are you, like me, waiting for Jane to slip up? And which of her many handsome suitors do you hope Jane ends up choosing? Drop a comment with your thoughts below!

— Andy Swift

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