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'Bachelor' Preview: Ben Flajnik Asks Courtney Robertson For A One-On-One Date

Mon, January 9, 2012 8:51pm EDT by 3 Comments
Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

The ‘Bachelor’ girls get a taste of the real cunning Courtney. When she gets the date card, she rubs salt into their wounds by bragging: ‘Winning, winning!’

Like vixen Vienna Girardi and crazy Michelle Money in previous Bachelor seasons, Courtney Robertson appears to be the most cunning and manipulative girl competing for Ben Flajnik‘s love. During the Jan. 9 episode of The Bachelor, Courtney gets a date card from Ben. But instead of taking the news gracefully, she decides to rub her “win” in the other girls’ faces.

During the preview video, a group of girls anxiously await for a date card to arrive. Each girl really wants to get to spend some time with Ben, but Courtney seems to care more about getting ahead of the women than seeing Ben. “

I’m really competitive and I usually win,” Courtney tells the cameras. “Winning, winning.”

To the other women’s disappointment, Courtney does “win” the one-one-one date. One contestant reads the card out loud to the group: “Courtney, Let’s spin the bottle … Ben.”

“He wants to kiss me,” Courtney brags smugly. “Wow. How’d that taste coming out of your mouth?”

The girl that read the letter looks down and replies: “What?”

“How’d that taste coming out of your mouth? Hahaha,” Courtney repeats. “That’s cute [she shows off the note]. That’s really cute. I think we’re going to make out. Hahaha. I’m like so excited.”

Courtney’s pretentious behavior doesn’t sit well with the women. “When I said Courtney’s name, there’s kind of a shock silence in the room,” says the girl who read the card. “She made a comment and that kind of rubbed me the wrong way because she doesn’t even know me very well.”

“Courtney is trying to deflate all of the girls in the house right now who haven’t gone on a date,” adds Erika Uhlig. “I thought maybe she was a real person at first. She’s not. She’s just not. She’s doing things to be better and rub it in your face. She’s purposely doing this to get under our skin. To be quite frank, it’s working. Congratulations Courtney, you got under our skin. It worked.”

Be sure to catch an all-new episode of The Bachelor on ABC, Jan. 9 — and check for our recap.

— Lindsey DiMattina

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