'Mob Wives' Recap: Drita D'avanzo Fights Karen Gravano & Ramona Rizzo

Sun, January 8, 2012 9:40pm EST by 25 Comments
Mob Wives

Drita gets a black eye. Ramona is left with a busted lip. The ‘Mob Wives’ are at war.

Forget the Mob Wives season one finale fight where Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano got into a rooftop brawl that left Renee Graziano wounded and bloody. During the Jan. 8 episode of Mob Wives season two, Drita throws her fist at Karen and Ramona Rizzo while at Renee’s party — and it turns into the worst Mob Wives‘ battle that has ever gone down.

Drita and Karen try to talk out their differences, but their conversation quickly turns into a heated argument. Karen’s “cousin” Ramona steps in — which sends Drita over the edge. Drita swings her fist at Karen and Ramona and the girls fall into a nasty brawl. Security pulls them apart, but the damage is done.

Ramona is bleeding from her mouth. But it’s unclear who hit her. She and Karen are speculating that it was Drita’s friend Derek Tobacco. Karen goes crazy and storms off looking for Derek.

Renee pushes a fuming Drita out the door. Drita gets in a car while accusing Renee of setting her up. They both get into a shouting match.

Upstairs, Ramona grabs a glass and tries to go off after Derek. Karen throws a dish across the room, but security holds both women back. “I want to chop off his body,” Ramona screams. “He’s finished.”

Finally, Ramona gets to Derek and goes off on him — but as she’s shouting, her breast pops out. She’s too heated to notice, but a friend quickly covers her up.

Drita finally goes home and Renee storms upstairs. “Everybody go home now,” Renee repeats. “You ruined my whole night.”

“This has escalated into a war,” Karen says. “I can’t leave when there’s blood on my cousin’s face.”

Junior Pagan, Renee’s ex-husband, gets fired up about Derek allegedly punching Ramona. He goes off to talk to Derek with three men behind him. If Junior does something, this could mean big trouble for him. “Junior has an open case with the feds,” Renee explains.

Everyone turns up in the parking lot. Renee is screaming at Derek to leave as Junior approaches his car. The men punch at Derek’s car, but thankfully he pulls off before anything more serious happens.

The party finally ends. The next day, everyone is rehashing what went down. Karen and Ramona agree that they didn’t start the fight — but Drita tells Carla Facciolo that she felt set up.

“I will always come for her,” Karen tells Ramona. “I didn’t even know I hit her that hard .” Ramona realizes that it was in fact Drita that hit her and not Derek.

Carla and Drita meet up to discuss the fight because Carla wasn’t there. Drita clearly has a back eye. “Here comes fatal attraction and Lucifer,” Drita tells Carla. “I’m just going to carry a wrench with me next time because I don’t even want to get my hands dirty. I will never again try to make up with Karen.”

Next, Junior heads to court to try to come to a plea agreement with the feds about his pending charges. He learns that he faces 15-20 months on the plea agreement.

Junior and Renee then spend some time talking. Junior admits that he got “nervous” during her surgery. “It really scared me bad to a point where it got me thinking I was going to lose you,” he says.

Renee breaks down in tears. “For years I’ve been in love with you,” she cries. “I’m so happy that you feel that way. You want your family.”

“I want to try,” Junior promises. “I think we got a shot.”

“I think that there is a lot of hope and promise this time around,” Renee returns. “I just need to trust you with my heart.”

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Samantha A.K.A Kitty

Posted at 1:23 AM on November 16, 2012  


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Posted at 5:36 AM on May 7, 2012  

Karen can’t fight n that’s why Mona was there…. get over it Lee married your “friend” life goes on.. you’re a grown woman. Is Lee really that important if he ran off with your “friend”? Stop crying about it write your book n grow up!! Oh I forgot it’s entertainment you have to find something to argue n fight about.. CARRY ON!!

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Posted at 4:08 PM on April 26, 2012  

WOW..these chicks need to just duke it out in like a charity boxing match haha like what Kris Kardashian did with her kids LOL
Karen is a hypocrite. Karen was friends with Drita in the first season, Renee hated Karen cause her father was a snitch, Drita almost fought Renee for Karen. (Now look who’s the snitch…Renee’s own husband!! or ex-husband..KARMA people! Hector..Junior..whatever his real name is. I don’t think that’s Italian..that’s for sure…so are these people fake?? A mexican in an italian mob? no…really??) And now look..Karen is bringing up some BS about loyalty. Karen admitted to making out with Drita’s boyfriends…so who is she to talk about loyalty? Drita got with Lee after he left Karen. Karen is just jealous of Drita. She talks about how she doesn’t want to live the mob lifestyle, but now she’s talking like she all gangster HAHAHA and Renee is a big sobbing baby. i’m sorry, i don’t feel sorry for her at all. She cries over everything and tries to say her son is devasted over stuff that happens???he sure looks like he’s handling better than his mother. She talks like she’s all suicidal. FAIL

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Posted at 10:37 PM on February 9, 2012  

if you’re always throwing the first punch, and then you even have the nerve to throw the punch at two people then be prepared to fight TWO people…and it has nothing to do with Lee, it’s more so about loyalty which drita knows nothing about. If I moved away and came back to find out that someone I was friends with and was roommates with at one point married one of my ex boyfriends who they KNEW I was in a serious relationship with before or was my first love, or whatever, I’d have a problem with it too. I don’t care how long ago it was. That should be a given, you don’t mess with your friend’s exes they should be off limits, point blank period. You only do things like that if you consider the person to not be a friend anymore or if you were never really that cool with the individual in the first place. Even karen was lost as to when they stopped being “friends”, because it seemed like drita tossed the friendship out because karen moved away… And acted like she didn’t at least owe her any kind of sit down heart to heart about what happened. Instead she cops out of being accountable for what she did by saying “i have two beautiful daughters i don’t regret, blah blah blah”…your kids have nothing to do with it, just admit you were wrong or you should have at least talked to karen when you found yourself “falling” for lee. Again, only a person who is disloyal and not a true friend would do something like that. Maybe in drita’s eyes karen wasn’t someone she considered a friend (if she felt comfortable doing what she did). Karen was probably hurt by that-i could see any normal human being who has feelings being hurt by something like that-which is why i don’t see why everyone acts as if karen was being irrational o_O. Now season 2 is a different story lol everyone seems to be a lil off lol

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Posted at 10:41 PM on February 9, 2012  

and if drita claims she didn’t have karen’s number (to discuss the lee situation)i’m quite sure she could have got it from someone since they all seem to know each other…i’m just sayin lol

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Posted at 12:43 AM on January 24, 2012  

so what drita stole your man, she cant steal what you never had. this aint highschool. you probably more mad because he married her and thats makes you look just like a hoe bc he didnt marry you and now you got a baby daddy only!

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Posted at 7:50 AM on January 16, 2012  

I have to say I love mob wives, but ramona u will be the reason I stop watching, with karen aclose second. When u run your mouths like u do why does it take two of u to jump somebody. Every episode I like drita more and more! I like how drita wants to avoid those tramps, but any woman can only take but so much! Children or not! Renee ur funny, but ur to hyper and I need a happy pill just to get through ur scenes! GO DRITA!

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Posted at 2:29 PM on January 15, 2012  

I like u…You said everything i wanted to…

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Posted at 1:26 AM on January 10, 2012  

i follow season 1 and see that Drita is very fake and she loud for nothing a liar and grimey for what she did about her ex friend man grimey

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Posted at 1:23 AM on January 10, 2012  

Karen is the truth they need to let them fight 1 on 1 drita know everybody going to always break it up i hate chicks like that, where im from chicks truly bang not do it to act tough and know someone will break it up or sneak someone who had nothing to do with it and tried to break it up….1 on 1 lets go and watch the outcome Karen vs Drita Karen will dig it that booty

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Posted at 12:09 PM on January 9, 2012  

Soooo, nobody noticed that Drita got jumped? If you think this was a fair fight then you yourself is a pure pussy.

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Posted at 8:30 PM on January 10, 2012  

Thank you!

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Posted at 1:22 AM on March 26, 2012  

How was she “jumped” when she trew the first hit?! I mean yeah they were yelling at her but DRITA was the one who made it violent! And there is proof she’s a LIAR. On the rooftop fightbshe screamed at Karen that ther weren’t friends, then on the balcony at the party she yells out saying she always thought of Karen as a close friend, Karen points out her lie and she swings!

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Posted at 5:53 AM on January 9, 2012  

I’m so sick of Drita’s manly tough talking, I’m glad her eye and whole side of her face got jacked up. She suddenly wasn’t talking so tough when telling dumb Carla what went down.

It’s not clear (due to the shaky camera/editing) if Karen was really the one who jacked up Drita’s eye. It’s funny that Karen is grinning and claiming credit for it, though.

I like how Ramona Rizzo had Karen’s back. I don’t care that it was two of them against Drita. Drita threw the first punch — and it was a doosey. In the end though, Drita just needed taking down a few notches. Good job, Karen & Ramona.

Like Karen, I have never gotten over a supposed girlfriend who slept with my boyfriend. Girls like that deserve what Drita got: smashed in the eye!

PS – Wonder if Renee is still hanging onto her ex’s nuts, now that he wore a wire for the Feds and helped land her father back in trouble. I like Renee, but hope she’s finally ready to leave that loser, JunYAH, alone.

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Posted at 2:28 PM on January 15, 2012  

well that explains ur lame comment…U cant get over losing someone to another either….

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Posted at 2:02 AM on January 9, 2012  

Karen cant fight. If that fight was truly between Karen and Drita, Karen would have gotten her a$$ kick. Karen’s cousin SAVED her from going to the Hospital a second time. I dont feel like this is fair. The fight was between Karen and Drita. Yeah Drita married and had two daughters by Karen’s ex (Lee). Karen just needs to get over it. Dude dont even respect neither one of them. Karen is only hating on Drita because of Lee. Lee diffent even respect Drita because he had an affair on her and he didnt respect Karen because he cheated on her when he was with her. If you have beef with someone YOU handle your beef dont get others involved. Karen is WEEK. She need to get over herself she aint no gangster nor is her cousin.

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Posted at 11:39 PM on January 8, 2012  

Watch the episode again, Drita said she was elbowed…her eye wasnt jacked cause anyone hit her…It was 2 on one and she held her own…Karen is only hard now because she got a side kick…FRAUD

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Posted at 1:21 AM on January 10, 2012  

Thats a lie Karen is the same regardless drita is a fraud and a loud talker but i didnt see her back it up yet, if yall call that fighting i dont think yall know what fighting is lol

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Posted at 8:47 PM on January 10, 2012  

I don’t think you know what fighting is…That wasn’t a fight! Drita hooked off and busted Ramona’s lip then they clearly JUMPED her lol. With two chicks pulling the crap out of your hair and men hovering over them I’m surprised she only got a black eye.

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Posted at 2:15 AM on April 8, 2013  

Evidently you don’t know what fighting is either. Did you not see how many times Karen was trying to be all up in Drita face, every time the show would come on all you see is Karen going to Drita house, arrive at we’re ever Drita at. If Karen was big stuff and this gangster that she claims to be she wouldn’t have no words for Drita it would have been on when she first saw Drita. That’s rel talk. So, we’re I come from and how the family I grew up with we ain’t trying to talk nothing out we just coming straight for yo head and taking it off yo shoulders. So, it is clear and present that Karen was jealous of Drita, did you not see the reunion when Karen said that Drita can fight, did you not see the part when Drita punched Ramona in her mouth and she had Karen head down at the same time. The girl was getting her bang on and that’s how you do it. Try to corner a poison and see what happen. And that’s exactly what Drita did.

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Posted at 11:34 PM on January 8, 2012  

Karen has a future contract with Weight Watchers at least-what a cow. She gets bigger each season-

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lil booty

Posted at 10:52 PM on January 8, 2012  

That bitch drita is a fake ass bitch. she got her ass whooped tonight though. bring that bitch to da hood the bitch won’t act like that. ragedy bitch

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Posted at 10:35 PM on January 8, 2012  

rene, run like hell and get the hell away from this garbage show…. at least you have a chance… get rid of karen on show, she can’t even speak english, shes a thug…. you have a chance to make some future in tv… they don’t see the light, sista, leave asap this is the most disgusting show i have ever seen….. will never watch again

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Posted at 9:01 AM on January 9, 2012  

Karen is a thug by who definition? This is entertainment folks. Drita needs to turn it down a notch can’t be talking tough without any backing. When you run your mouth and lie on others what do you expect. Whatever you do come out in the light so Drita’s lies caught up with her and she just met her match in Ramona. What does Karen’s weight have to do with the manner and what are you trying to imply? I doubt Karen is jealous of Drita. People just need to realize that when you do shady things to your family and friends, what happens Karma? Drita, just faced Karma. Again, It is entertainment and all this women are getting paid to play a fool.

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Posted at 8:12 AM on January 21, 2012  

This was some bullsh*t. Drita held her own…and whoever said she wouldn’t be acting like that in the hood. You are a fool! she grew up hard and has stayed hard…she can hit harder than most men. Karen can’t do anything except talk sh*t and run her mouth. I’m tiny and i wanna find Karen just to show her what Drita would if given half the chance. I Hate Karen and her bloody mouth tramp double teaming wanna act tough cousin. Drita is not ever going to give up if you corner her and she isn’t afraid of anyone…especially Karen…and Karen shouldn’t be braggin about her bloodline honey. your dad is rat. you are too, just a different kind—-so far.

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