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Gwyneth Paltrow's New $425 GOOP Cleanse 'A Waste Of Time And Money,' Say Doctors

Thu, January 5, 2012 6:06pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 10 Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow released her GOOP newsletter, Jan. 5, promoting her GOOP cleanse kit, which costs $425, but doctors interviewed by HollywoodLife say cleanses have ‘no scientific proven’ value and are ‘complete bunk’!

Don’t spend your money or your effort subjecting yourself to actress Gwyneth Paltrows “cleanse” or anyone else’s, say top NYC doctors.

“‘Cleansing’ is the equivalent of  ‘snake oil,'” says NYC internist, Dr. Robert Bos.

He adds that “there is no scientific proof” that a cleanse will help give your digestive system a break, eliminate toxins, rebuild beneficial bacteria or give you more energy, as Gwyneth promises in her GOOP newsletter.

Gwyneth’s cleanse program instructs you to drink her protein shake for breakfast, have a solid meal for lunch, another shake for dinner and take her GOOP “clean” supplements (which aren’t explained) throughout the day.

She claims that her cleanse will give “your digestive system a break” and will also “improve energy levels by bringing in high-quality vitamins and nutrients.” She also claims that her program will “rebuild beneficial bacteria” and “eliminate toxins,” and she says she has lost weight doing this in the past.

The cost of her GOOP cleanse is $425!

Now here’s what top doctors had to say about her claims:

#1) Cleanses Do Not Give Your Digestive System A Break: “Your digestive system doesn’t need a break. It is built to digest every day and there’s no evidence that food causes inflammation in your digestive tract that your body would need a break from anyway, ” explains Dr. Bos.

#2) “Cleanses” Are Not Needed At All To Cleanse Your Body: “Cleanses are not necessary and there is nothing natural about doing one,” says NYC internist, Dr. Ronald Minultoli. “In fact, your body takes care of cleansing out any toxins itself. It eliminates them naturally through the kidneys, liver and digestive track. NOTHING hides out and stays in your digestive tract.”  It’s a one-way tube where nothing stay,’ emphasizes Dr. Minutoli.

#3) Cleanses Don’t Help Eliminate “Toxins” From Your System: “The best way to aide elimination of the ‘normal’ toxins you breathe in or eat (like food coloring in food), is to drink lots of water, eat vegetables, fruits and grains, which are full of fiber, and to get regular exercise,” says Dr. Minultoli.

#4) You Don’t Need To “Rebuild” Beneficial Bacteria in Your Digestive Tract: First of all you can’t “cleanse” out bacteria and you don’t want to, says Dr. Bos. “It’s normal for bacteria to live in your system. They are generally good. Only if you take certain antibiotics or medications, will you lose good bacteria. And in that case, you can take probiotics or acidophilus which will replace the bacteria.” Both probiotics (from $10 – $60)  and acidophilus ($10 – $40), available at drugstores, cost substantially less than Gwyneth’s $425 pricetag for her 21-day supply.

#5) You Shouldn’t Just Be Having A Shake For Breakfast AND Dinner — You Can Slow Your Metabolism and Gain Weight: Gwyneth’s program undoubtedly allows you drastically fewer calories a day than you’re used to and that is unhealthy and counterproductive for weight loss, says Dr. Minultoli. “When you take in far fewer calories, it triggers a primitive response in your body, to hold onto its body fat by lowering your metabolism, and that can kick in after just 24 hours. Even skipping meals on a regular basis will slow your metabolism,” says Dr. Minultoli. “Your body needs nutrients – carbs, fat, protein and fluids and your body will restore them quickly,” if you take them away.

Both doctors agree that cleanses are “totally unnecessary,” have “no documented benefits,” are “potentially harmful,” and “a waste of time.”

Sorry Gwyneth, but the doctors also agree that your GOOP cleanse is “harmful to the pocketbook!”

So HollywoodLifers — you don’t need to “cleanse’ your digestive tract or empty out your wallet for ANY reason, no matter what Gwyneth Paltrow says!

— Bonnie Fuller



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