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Jenelle Evans Relapses: Drinking, Drugs & Back With Troubled Ex Kieffer Delp — New Report

Wed, January 4, 2012 11:43am EDT by 11 Comments

Wild child Jenelle is in a downward spiral — FAST! Friends say she’s smoking pot, drinking underage and wants to get back together with her loser ex! Say it isn’t so, Jenelle!

Jenelle Evans can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The Teen Mom 2 star seemed to be getting her life back on track — she has a new boyfriend, started taking classes again and found a new apartment — but now Star magazine reports that she’s back to her old ways of booze, weed and Kieffer Delp!

In May, Jenelle entered a Malibu rehab facility, according to Star. She left after 30 days and told everyone she was so happy to be sober. But was it an act?

Friends told the magazine that during an MTV promotional tour in Dec., she was hitting the bottle in NYC. “One night Jenelle and some of the other girls went out to get alcohol to bring back to the hotel,” a source revealed. “Jenelle was drinking beer.”

Worse, Jenelle isn’t surrounding herself with people who will help her stay sober. “Jenelle said she was going apartment hunting with this new friend of hers who smokes weed and drinks,” a friend said. Another source defended Jenelle, but barely: “I dont think Jenelle is smoking weed, but who really knows?”

The 20-year-old also plans to reunite with her trouble-maker ex Kieffer, who is NOTHING but bad news. “Jenelle told me that when Kieffer gets out of jail she’s more than likely going to get back with him,” a pal revealed. “She says that he doesn’t have anybody else.”

Will Jenelle really dump her new boyfriend Gary Head for Kieffer? Let’s hope not! Do YOU think Jenelle is spiraling out of control?

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