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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: A Desperate Jenelle Evans Tries To Bail Kieffer Delp Out Of Jail, But Nobody Will Help!

Tue, January 3, 2012 11:12pm EDT by Add first Comment

Lonely Jenelle Evans tries to save Kieffer from jail, but everyone leaves her stranded and helpless, Leah Messer goes broke trying to pay for Christmas for the girls, Kailyn Lowry sends her ex’s mom a heartfelt letter to make amends and Chelsea Houska’s dad BANS Adam from Christmas with the family!

The holidays are here, but that doesn’t make this episode of Teen Mom 2 any less dramatic. Leah Messer does everything to make this Christmas special — whether the twins notice or not. Kailyn wants to make peace with Jo’s mom, but is it too late? Chelsea meets the Grinch, and it’s actually not Adam this time. Jenelle tries to bail Kieffer out, but everyone is smarter than her and won’t help. What story was YOUR favorite this episode?

Chelsea Houska: Adam is back AGAIN, but this time things are actually different. He has a new, better job — and it includes benefits for him and Aubree and takes child support out of his paycheck. Good for him. No, seriously. The family goes Christmas tree shopping, and they’re helped by a furry, green monster woman. I think she’s dressed as the Grinch, but who’s to say. The outing goes well and Adam’s behaving, but Chelsea’s dad isn’t convinced. He doesn’t want Adam to come to Christmas at the cabin. “I don’t want Aubree to have a split-up family like I did because I hated it,” she says. She has a point. Before Christmas, Adam and Chelsea take Aubree toy shopping. Adam, parent of the year, bounces a ball off of Aubree’s forehead. They talk about being in the middle of their families and both agree they want to make this work. We’ll see. They have Christmas at Chelsea’s mom house, so Chelsea’s glad at least one parent is willing to have him over.

Kailyn Lowry: Kailyn has to share Isaac on his first Christmas because of her custody agreement. She’s not sure how she feels about it. Kailyn has a friend over and shares that she wants to write Jo’s mom Janet a letter to hopefully be on better terms. After Isaac goes to Jo’s for Christmas Eve, Jordan comes over and they exchange gifts. Kailyn gets Ugg boots (there’s a trend in gifts on Teen Mom 2 this year…) and Jordan gets a hat — seems like an unfair exchange, but whatever, he’s happy. Jordan mentions Christmas next year. “I’m pretty sure we might be together,” Kailyn says. Don’t sound so confident there, Kailyn. Oh well, they aren’t. Writes Janet a letter to smooth out the tension. Janet reads the letter and appreciates the effort.

Leah Messer: She’s been working a lot to save up money for Christmas, and she can’t wait to give the girls their gifts. Mama Dawn warns her though — the babies probably will like the wrapping paper more than toys, so don’t get disappointed. The first birthday party arrives. Leah gets a princess cake and tells Corey how happy she is they’re together. Weird foreshadowing because, as we know, they aren’t. Christmas morning arrives. Last year the twins were in intensive care, so Leah wants to go big. Corey dresses like Santa, but the girls are terrified of the man in the beard. He takes off his hat and beard, scarring them for life, and they go open gifts.

Jenelle Evans: Ruh roh. Kieffer’s in jail (woo!), but Jenelle’s starting to miss him. She talks to her stepdad about possibly bailing him out. He suggests spending more time with Jace instead. Smart man. Jenelle keeps giving lame reasons why she should get Kieffer, but her stepdad wants to see the old, fun, pre-Kieffer Jenelle back. Then it’s Christmas time with Barbara. Jace opens his gifts, but SURPRISE Barbara has something for Jenelle too — a bracelet and shirt, which are way better than those weird car-fixing supplies she got for her birthday. Jenelle gives her mom some Ugg boots, which was sweet of her. Jenelle gets a letter in the mail — she’s under a 2.0 GPA and on academic warning. Next thing you know, she and Barbara are yelling at each other again about something. Jenelle decides she’s going to bail Kieffer out of jail, but there’s a problem: She’s not 21, and nobody is willing to help save him. She calls everyone, to no avail. Finally a friend answers, but she’s smart enough to tell Jenelle no. She tries one last friend, but he says no. Nobody will help him, for good reason.

-Anna Moeslein

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