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Kim Kardashian: It Was Obvious You Had Checked Out Of Your Marriage On 'KKTNY' This Week!

Tue, January 3, 2012 12:54pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 37 Comments

So Kim  Kardashian– what went wrong that we didn’t see on screen? By this week’s episode on Jan. 1, it was totally clear that you were seriously out of love with Kris Humphries!

But poor Kris – he doesn’t have a clue. As the episode proceeded, Kris seemed more in love with you than ever and was oblivious to the fact that he was turning you off !

Yet, he’s trying so hard to be a part of your life. He gets dragged along to go potpourri shopping with you, Kim and your best friend Jonathan Cheban and he doesn’t complain about it at all though he’s clearly bored out of his mind. He joins in a family prank on Kourtney Kardashian, with you  and Scott Disick, and hides Kourtney’s “coupon” book in a spot that’s so high up on their hotel suite balcony that only he can reach it.

But the sweetest most obviously committed moment for Kris is when you Kim ask your husband directly: “do you like being married?” and he earnestly responds — “to you, I’m loving it.”

But he doesn’t ask you how you feel — at least not on camera — and maybe that’s because he either just assumes that of course, after two months or so, his wife is into their marriage, OR he subconsciously senses that he wouldn’t like your answer.

I don’t think Kris could comprehend that you might seriously NOT be into him even though you, Kim, take repeated digs at him throughout the episode.

You reveal that it bothers you that Kris won’t drop the subject of whether or not your BFF Jonathan Cheban is gay.

Kim , you say: “I wish we could trade husbands like coupons.” Not exactly the words you’d expect from what should be an enamored newlywed.

When Kris goes with you, Kim — at your request — to spy on Kourtney and a new female “coupon-obsessed” acquaintance that she’s meeting in their hotel lobby, he jokes around: “shall we make fun of these two?”

Your strange response to him: “Stop. That’s annoying. You have to be the most annoying person on the planet,” you tell him.

It’s a very revealing moment Kim because I really think you meant it. You were finding your new husband to be gratingly annoying. But it’s not because of anything that any of us viewers can see.

Nor is it something that Kris can see. Maybe he’s thick as a brick, or as unsuspecting as most new husbands would be, but he just replies to your “annoying” comment with a joking: “you’re stuck.”

Kim, then you were annoyed at Kris AGAIN, when you went for dinner at Jonathan Cheban’s place, in order to meet his new date.

Now Kris does cross a line, asking Jonathan’s date, if she thought Jonathan was gay when she met him. But come on Kim, as viewers, we know that this whole episode focusing on whether Jonathan is gay or not and Kris’ curiosity about it, has been set up as a theme for the show and Kris is going along with it.

Yet Kim you’re pretty harsh to Kris. “Kris just says anything that comes to his mind — why bring up (the gay question) in front of Jonathan’s date,” you say. “It’s making everything uncomfortable  and awkward.”

Kim, you have no warmth or humor about anything that Kris is doing.

Nor are your loyalties to Kris at all, when he clashes with your good friend Jonathan. It’s as if Jonathan occupies just as important a role in your life as your husband. And while it’s great that you love your BF Jonathan, it’s very strange that Kris doesn’t seem more special to you at all.

You are even annoyed with Kris once more, for no apparent reason, when he helps prank Kourtney. A prank that you, Kim, initiated.

The question is: what happened between KKTNY’s first episode in which you, Kim, talked about going off the pill and having a baby with Kris immediately.

By this episode five, your husband has become “annoying,” you barely show him any affection, nor for that matter, make him in any way the center of your universe.

My guess Kim is that you simply don’t like marriage. Don’t like being tied down to one person. Don’t like having to worry about someone else’s needs. Don’t like the commitment.

Once you got over the “fairytale wedding.” and you discovered that real life wasn’t as hopelessly romantic as you might have dreamed, you simply turned off to your husband.

I’m not sure that there was anything Kris could have done that you wouldn’t have found,” annoying”.

Anyway, that’s just my guess. But it’s clear that Kris is no villian, but he’s a cute, goofy, regular guy and you’re just not into him.

— Bonnie Fuller

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