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Three Children Were Rescued From An Icy River By A Heroic Bystander

Tue, January 3, 2012 4:41pm EDT by 1 Comment

Three kids miraculously survive thanks to a brave man — he jumped into an icy river to save them!

Roger Anderson was driving along an icy, curvy road near Logan Canyon in Utah with his wife Mindy and three kids — Mia, 9, Baylor, 4, and family friend Kenya Wildman, 9 — when he lost control of the car! It slid down a 10-foot embankment into an icy river and became submerged in the gushing water, according to Good Morning America.

“Within 30 seconds, I would say, of the car going into the river and flipping over, I was able to get freed from the car and try to get the child loose in the front seat with me freed,” Roger said. Disoriented from the crash, he couldn’t find the children in the car.

He went up for air and found eight good samaritans coming to his rescue. Chris Willden, a stranger to the family and a former police officer, saw the accident happen and took action.

“I heard… screaming something about ‘my kids, my kids’ and that’s when I realized there were people still trapped inside the vehicle,” Chris explained. “I jumped out of the car, ran around, jumped into the river next to the children’s father.” He shot out one of the window’s with his handgun.

“Once I reached up inside the vehicle and couldn’t feel any arms or legs or clothing to grab onto, I remember telling myself ‘Get ready to see something you don’t want to see,'” he said.

By then he and Roger were joined by the other bystanders. They group of a dozen flipped the car upright in the frigid water. Four minutes later, all three kids were safe and on dry land.

The kids were all treated for hypothermia and released.

“We really owe our children’s lives and the life of our neighbor friend Kenya to those great people,” Roger gushed.

What an AMAZING story! What would you have done?