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How YOU Can Fight Dry Winter Hair

Fri, December 30, 2011 3:30pm EDT by 3 Comments

The frigid winter weather can definitely take a toll on your normally luscious locks. Read on to find out how to winter-proof your dry hair!

If you’re anything like me, it’s not just the cold, snow and lack of daylight that makes winter almost unbearable — it’s also how dry my hair can get. The harsh, cold air that comes with this dreaded season does not compliment my curly blonde hair AT ALL. Fortunately, Andi Scarbrough, celebrity hairstylist of Byu-Ti Salon in L.A., weighs in on how to wipe away these winter hair blues. Find out how!

The best way to fight dry hair in the winter is to regularly treat your locks to a moisturizing treatment, Andi explains. But there’s an art to it to make sure you receive the best results possible…

Step 1: Schedule A Time For Your Hair Mask

“I think hardest part with hydrating your hair is working it into your schedule. Nobody has extra hour in their schedule,” she says. Andi recommends putting it in your hair when you’re watching TV or cooking yourself dinner.

Step 2: Use Luke Warm Water

When wetting your hair for the treatment, Andi says to make sure the water is luke warm — not too hot and not too cold. “This is the best way for the cuticles to lock in the moisture,” she says.

Step 3: Brush Your Hair Before Applying The Mask

To ensure all of your hair receives an equal amount of treatment, Andi says it’s very important to thoroughly comb through your hair before applying the mask. “A  lot of hair is difficult to get to,” Andi says. “This way it’s easy to distribute.”

Step 4: Apply Mask Just To Where Hair Is Dry

To keep your hair from becoming oily from your treatment, Andi says to just apply the mask to where your hair is dry — this is usually your ends. “Ends are where it really gets thirsty,” she says.

Step 5: Add Heat To Your Treatment

The best way to really lock in moisture in your hair is by adding heat to your treatment. Andi says you can do this by applying the mask before you go into the sauna at the gym or before entering your steamy post-shower bathroom. You can even put a blowdryer to your hair while your mask is on.

Step 6: Repeat Once A Week

Andi recommends doing a moisturizing treatment once a week to keep your hair from drying out.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Are you a victim of dry winter hair? Share your beauty tips below, click through our fave mask picks and shop!

— Nicole Karlis