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Why 'X Factor' Is So Much Better Than 'American Idol'!

Fri, December 23, 2011 12:35pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 37 Comments

Are you with me here? Have YOU ever gotten as deeply involved with ‘AI’ contestants as you did with X Factor’s Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene and Rachel Crow?

I challenge American Idol to come up with a crop of “artists” as outstanding as the finalists on the first season of X Factor.

I’ve been puzzled all along as to why the X Factor ratings, while very good, haven’t been as strong as Idol’s and I just hope that more people discover X Factor .

I seriously am going to miss the X Factor crew next week. I’ve become so completely attached not just to the top three finalists who battled it out on the finale, last night, Dec. 22. But I want to know that Rachel Crow, Astro, Marcus Canty and even the group, Stereohogz, have a future musical career or more.

And as for runner-up Josh Krajcik, I seriously can’t wait until someone smart signs him — are you listening Simon Cowell and LA Reid? — and I can buy or download an entire album’s worth of his rich, gravelly voice.

Winner Melanie Amaro is a brilliant singer and a true rival to Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Christina Aguilera. Give her the right song writers and she’ll be able to churn out hit after hit.

Plus, I could watch a whole reality show just on her, following her as she transitions from talented girl from an immigrant family to bonafide popstar.

Then there’s Rachel Crow who SHOULD be starring in her own Rachel Crow show — Disney — are you snapping her up?

And Astro has the potential to be the next rapping Bieber. He’s 15, adorable, talented and telegenic.

I believe that because X Factor took contestants from the ages of 12 on up, the show ended up with a far richer group of personalities with fascinating histories than American Idol typically has. The fact that Josh Krajcik, 30, had spent years struggling to make it or that finalist LeRoy Bell, 60, spent almost his entire life, trying to hit it big, lured you into getting deeply emotionally involved with them.

X Factor contestants were often parents like Josh, Chris Rene, 28, or Stacy Francis, 42, and that made their struggles to succeed even more poignant. Would they be able to continue to pursue their dreams if they didn’t win or would they have to sacrafice their talent to more hum drum pursuits in order to put food on the table?

And then of course, Chris Rene’s, history of drug use and his determination to stay sober was an emotional story line that I got teary-eyed over multiple times.

The fact that American Idol contestants are all between the ages of 15 and 28, limits the range of life stories that the show will have.

Then of course, the addition of the groups in X Factor , none of which ultimately made it to the semi-finals, added to the sher entertainment piazzazz of the show. In the end, the group’s prospects were hurt because you never got a chance to get deeply emotionally connected to the individuals in those groups. Still, their presence added to the X Factor energy.

So now I’m eagerly waiting for the follow-up news on the X Factor stars. When will we see or hear from them again?

I personally never felt that about Idol. What about you? Is X Factor better than Idol or vice versus?

Tell me what you think, HollywoodLifers?

— Bonnie Fuller


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