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Why Josh Krajcik Deserves To Win 'X Factor' Tonight!

Thu, December 22, 2011 11:43am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 22 Comments

All three ‘X Factor’ finalists deserve to have big singing careers and God willing, they will. But here’s why Josh Krajcik deserves THE $5 million contract!

Josh Krajcik is anything but gorgeous and he won’t be rolling out any dance party hits, BUT here’s why HE should win – you can listen to his big, powerful, raspy voice ALL day and ALL night long.

Unlike the also – talented Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro, Josh Krajcik could actually do an X Factor-worthy thing — record a full album that you would buy. You’d spend the bucks because you’d want to listen to him sing every last song.

I already know three tunes I want on that album — three of the songs he’s sung to perfection on X Factor with his own unique take : “Wild Horses,” “Hallelujah” and “At Last.”

Josh’s incredibly deep, rich voice with its gruff edge is both inspiring and soothing. Also, it’s remarkably memorable.

For all of Melanie Amaro’s vocal range and ability to sing almost anything, I don’t find her sound memorable. And no doubt, she’ll be signed to a deal anyway. Give her a new David Guetta songtrack and she’ll have a hit.

Chris Rene is immensely appealing, he’s a song writing talent and yes he is memorable, but can he carry a tune well enough to have multiple hits? I don’t think so.  I’d love to see him offered a spot on Glee — how great would he be on that show. But does he deserve a $5 million contract for singing — no!

However,  Josh does! He’s got the voice! He can take songs and make them hits! He can make an emotional connection with his audience. Now that’s something special.

Plus, Josh has proved that he has had the long-term dedication and put in the longtime hard slogging to do the tough work of being a star. He has sacrificed for years to pursue his career — making  burritos to pay the bills, while struggling to have a career as a musician.

I hope that America saw it my way and voted for Josh Krajcik to win the X Factor. The man has ” it “, deserves it and I can’t wait for his first new hit !

— Bonnie Fuller

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