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Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Secret: She Wants A Baby With Reggie Bush

Wed, December 21, 2011 11:06am EDT by 13 Comments

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Her marriage to Kris fell apart, but that’s not stopping Kim’s plans to have a baby! She’s convinced Reggie is the one!

During her ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian couldn’t stop gushing about having a baby one day with him. That dream has ended, but she’s not putting her baby plans aside. Instead, she’s set her sights on her ex Reggie Bush! “Kris just wasn’t the guy for Kim,” a source revealed to OK! magazine. “Not as a husband, but certainly not as a father, and ever since they broke up she’s been thinking about Reggie more and more.”

But she’s wants more than just to reconnect with Reggie. “When they were together before, Kim always thought Reggie was great father material,” the source added. “He’s level-headed, responsible and mature, and he loves kids. He seems like this big tough guy, but get him around a baby or a puppy and he’s just a big softie, which she adores.”

Kim’s quick switch from baby plans to divorce has left Kris feeling confused and hurt. “The idea that Kim wants to have kids with Reggie is throwing Kris for a loop,” the source said. “One minute she wants to have kids with him, the next minute she doesn’t want kids at all and she’s saying that she just wants to be a really good aunt. And now people are saying she wants to get pregnant with her ex!”

Another insider agreed: “Kim was all about having a baby with Kris when they were together. It was all she talked about, so now he doesn’t know what to think. They even went crib-shopping, and Kim was always looking at baby clothes online. Anytime they went shopping in New York, Kim always had to stop into whatever baby boutique.”

The 26-year-old basketball player feels like Kim, 31, played him. “He feels the whole thing was just a ruse to go along with this image of this dream couple she was trying to project to fans,” the insider revealed. “But on the other hand, Kris is relieved that he and Kim didn’t actually become pregnant, because he wouldn’t want to bring kids into such a bad marriage.”

As much as Kim might want a baby, however, don’t expect her to go the fertility drugs route like Khloe. “Kim’s a romantic, and part of the appeal of having a lot of children is having them with the man she loves.”

Do YOU think Kim and Reggie should have a baby? Did Kim play Kris like he thinks? Tell us!
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