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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans Presses Charges Against Abusive Kieffer Delp! Good For Her!

Tue, December 20, 2011 11:42pm EDT by Add first Comment

Jenelle FINALLY decides to press charges against her loser ex Kieffer, Chelsea cries in the hospital when Adam calls his own daughter ‘a little b*stard,’ Leah breaks down in tears as Ali is sedated and Kailyn moves out but keeps it a BIG secret from her mom!

There was no shortage of shocking, dramatic moments in this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode! Unable to stand the pain of watching little Ali get an MRI, Leah turns to Corey for comfort. Kailyn decides it’s time to move out, but totally hides it from her mom. Chelsea hopes she can depend on Adam, but he acts like a jerk yet again. And can Jenelle and her mom repair their relationship now that Kieffer is out of the picture?

Leah Messer: Something might be wrong with Ali’s brain, so the little girl needs to have an MRI. Leah is terrified — what if her baby girl doesn’t wake up? Leah tells a friend that she wasn’t prepared for all of this. “I’m just a kid myself, too,” she says. Too true! She also wisely says that she and Corey should have dated, then married and THEN had kids. “We kind of moved too fast.” You think? But she’s grateful for the girls, and they are so adorable. Cut to the hospital scene. While Ali gets her MRI, Corey’s pacing the hospital hallway and Leah can’t stop crying with worry. They just want answers, but it’s not going to happen in this episode.

Kailyn Lowry: She hasn’t told her mom yet about her new apartment — obviously they have the best relationship. Kailyn decides to avoid confrontation and just move out while her mom is at work. She recruits boyfriend Jordan and a couple friends. They have only two hours, nothing is packed and the boys keep goofing off. Yowza. Somehow they manage, and Kailyn calls her mom from her new place to tell her she left. “I wish you would have told me,” her mom says. Kailyn’s mom seems fine enough with the deception except for one thing: She wants her TV back, and don’t forget the remote. Later, Kailyn meets up with her mom to return the beloved TV remote, and they have the most awkward encounter ever. Kailyn’s mom is hurt. Kailyn felt uncomfortable in her own home. Nobody wins. “I wish you all the best,” her mom says — Are they never going to see each other again? That seems like a strange goodbye, right? — and returns to work, sans hug or any sign of motherly affection. No wonder Kailyn wanted to leave.

Chelsea Houska: Chelsea’s getting knee surgery and she expects Adam to take care of her and Aubree (yeah, right). Her dad laughs and says Adam will never help. Of course, he doesn’t. He acts like a jerk at the hospital and charmingly calls his own daughter a “little b*stard.” Chelsea calls her dad, and he basically says “I told you so.” Something changes, though, because later Adam gives Aubree a bath and acts like a decent human being for longer than five minutes. “Adam wasn’t perfect today, but at least he’s trying,” Chelsea gushes. Try harder, Adam.

Jenelle Evans: Jenelle and Kieffer got into another violent, shocking fight. She broke up with him and left (as she should) but she has nowhere to go but her car. She calls Barbara to see if she can come home, but her mom’s not sure she’s ready for that yet. Jenelle decides to press charges and hopes that things will get better with her mom now. The two go to dinner wearing matching orange tops (not intentional, I think) and make up. Barbara gets super emotional when she finds out Jenelle was sleeping in her car. No mother, no matter how angry she is, wants to hear her daughter is homeless. Let’s hope Kieffer is gone for good.

WOW! Well I can’t wait to see what happens next week, can you? Which story line was your favorite? What do you think will happen?

-Anna Moeslein

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