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Kim Kardashian: Just Because Kris Humphries Threw A Tame Party On 'KKTNY' Is NO Excuse For A Divorce!

Mon, December 19, 2011 10:52am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 57 Comments

If Kim Kardashian thinks she’s painting Kris as a divorce-worthy villian because he threw one party that his ‘brother-in-law’, Scott Disick,  attended, then she’s failing.

Yes, Kris Humphries made a dumb move, deciding to invite a “few” friends over when Kim headed out to LA to launch her Sears Karadshian Kollection. And of course, those friends just happened to bring along a bunch of babelicious chicks.

BUT, let’s get real here.  #1 The “party” was obviously staged for drama for the KKTNY TV show so it wasn’t exactly the act of a man who wanted to canoodle like a singleton.

#2: Kris Humphries did NOTHING that could be by any definition be defined as marital misbehavior. He provided booze, red plastic cups and snacks. That’s it. He didn’t do a smidgeon of flirting.

#3: Kris Humphries repeatedly made a point during the episode that the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel where he and Kim were living post marriage was HIS place, too. Not just Kim’s and that he and Scott shouldn’t have to tiptoe around. That’s true. Why shouldn’t he, at least in principle be able to have a few friends over when Kim is away, as long as he he cleans up!

I would agree that if Kris started repeatedly throwing wild parties while Kim was away, then Kim would have some reason to question her hubby’s focus on and commitment to marriage. But this lame and tame get together barely merited the heartfelt apology Kris gave Kim, nor should it have been used as an excuse for divorce.

Instead what we see more of in the episode is Kris supporting his wife both when she thought BFF Jonathan Cheban had betrayed her and then when she realizes that she has unfairly attacked Jonathan.

It was Kris who gave her the idea for how she could win Jonathan back as a friend, when he told her that he “refused” to accept her apology because he was so hurt. Then Kris actually enables her to do that. Hardly villainous or selfish behavior.

But what Kris IS, is not a wimp. He’s clearly concerned about being another man “whipped” by the Kardashian women. He describes Bruce Jenner as the definition of “whipped” and accuses Scott Disick of being terrified by Kourtney, Kim and the other Kardashian women – which he is. And in fact, Scott continuously warns Kris that his party will not go down with Kim. And that if  Kris persists in holding it, he will end up in Minnesota’s Lake Minntonka.

Scott’s so scared like a rabbit that he threatens to run into his room and shut the door if Kris holds the party. Then he DOES shut it down by threatening to call security. He says he has Kris’s back.

Is that right? Should Scott and Kris really live in fear of their women.

Marriage is a two-way street. It’s about compromising. And what we’ve seen on KKTNY thus far is Kris Humphries doing all the apologizing almost every week. He’s apologized for not immediately jumping on having a baby when Kim brought it up — later though she changed her mind when he came on board.

The week before that he apologized for going home to Minnesota because he couldn’t concentrate on training in New York. Now, he’s apologized for having a party.

So far, the apologizing is virtually all one way — Kris to Kim. But obviously that wasn’t enough, as we now know, for Kim.

I’m not sure there’s ANYTHING Kris could have done to avoid being tossed back into Lake Minnesota.

The reason for Kim’s decision remains a TOTAL MYSTERY as KKTNY proceeds!

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is Kris asking to be dumped … or not?

— Bonnie Fuller

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