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Kobe Bryant Divorce: He Could Lose $40 Million, Experts Say

Sat, December 17, 2011 5:21pm EDT by Russ Weakland 9 Comments
Kobe Bryant Divorce spoke to a legal expert who told us EXCLUSIVELY that Vanessa Bryant could walk away with a ton of his money in this high-profile split!

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Bryant are headed for divorce, and their 10 and a half year marriage didn’t have a prenup. That lack of foresight will almost certainly cost Kobe much of the fortune he amassed in the NBA!

Kobe, 33, will have to pay Vanessa, 29, plenty in court, Beverly Hills attorney Mark McBride tells EXCLUSIVELY.

UPDATE: Jessica Burciaga PHOTOS — Kobe Bryant’s 2011 Alleged Mistress

“The marriage is older than ten years,” he said. “The rule of thumb is that if you have a marriage that is less than ten years, alimony is about half the length of the marriage. Because the marriage here that is a little bit longer then ten years, she could try to get alimony for quite a longer time, something that would be over five years. But it sounds like she was making overtures to have the kids a lot more then him, so i wonder if that was dealt with in the settlement. But in terms of what she could get, she could get basically half of his profit that was amassed over 10 and a half years. Its not gross, the value of what he makes after community expenses, less community debts and then she would get half of his remaining cash flow. So if he made $150 million in a little over ten years, and after you take off any liabilities and debts and anything like that then he has probably made a profit of $80 million, and that would mean she would get $40 million.”

Do YOU think Kobe was foolish to not ask for a prenup, HollywoodLifers?

— Reporting By Russ Weakland, Written By William Earl

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