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Babies Know When You're Lying — New Report

Sat, December 17, 2011 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment

Don’t even try and pull a fast one on your baby! A new study says they can recognize liars and cheats!

Your baby is on to you, you sneaky mom! A study published in LiveScience says babies can tell when an adult is lying and will avoid imitating their unreliable behavior, according to The Daily Mail. Even in early years, kids can identify “irrational or inefficient” behavior!

Scientists in the study divided babies into two groups — one unreliable group and one reliable group. In the study, the unreliable experimenters looked into a box and expressed excitement. When they invited the babies to look inside, the kids discovered it was empty!

In the second group, the kids found a toy when they looked inside the box.

During a follow-up exercises, scientists discovered 61 percent of the babies in the reliable group copied the behavior of their adult examiner, while only 34 percent of the unreliable test group babies were willing to do the same.

Fascinating! The best policy is always honesty, right HollyMoms?

-Anna Moeslein

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