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Whoopi Goldberg Farts On 'The View' & I Love Her For Doing It

Fri, December 16, 2011 1:14pm EDT by Andy Swift 12 Comments
Whoopi Goldberg Fart

I have so much respect for Whoopi after she fully acknowledged her flatulent faux pas. Bravo, Ms. Goldberg!

Whoopi Goldberg has always been my favorite feathered friend in the hen house that is ABC’s The View — and now I know why! On the Dec. 16 episode, during a rare intellectual discussion with Claire Danes about homeland security issues, Whoopi lifted a cheek and cut a big ol’ fart. Sorry for being so blunt, but to sugarcoat Whoopi’s act would be to undermine its hilarity — and my newfound respect for the daytime goddess.

“I think I just blew out a little frog outta there!” Whoopi proclaimed, taking pride in her mighty act.

I have so much more respect for Whoopi than I do for fellow farter Nancy Grace, who blamed her Dancing with the Stars flub on partner Tristan MacManus!

If academy members aren’t calling an emergency meeting right now to discuss giving this woman a daytime Emmy, they all need to re-evaluate their lives.

Watch this most epic passing of gas below (the magic happens 11 seconds in):

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As a not-so-regular viewer of The View, it has now come to my attention that this was merely the latest in a long series of on-air farts produced by Ms. Goldberg during her stint on the show. On May 26, while Dr. Oz was dispensing health advice of some sort, Whoopi actually farted on Barbara Walters!

I don’t care what science says. She and I must be related!

— Andy Swift