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Expert Brow Advice: Kate Middleton's Shape, Color & What YOU Can Do To Get Better Brows

Fri, December 16, 2011 11:00am EDT by Add first Comment
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Even the Duchess of Cambridge can use a little help when it comes to brow maintenance!

Celebrity brow expert Anastasia Soare tells YOU where Kate Middleton went right with her eyebrow grooming, where she went wrong and what you can do to achieve the perfect brows.

How would you describe Kate’s brow shape?
“Kate has a full brow with a medium arch.”

How would you advise a girl who would like thick brows like Kate, but has severely over plucked?
“Kate removed too much hair from the ends of her brow; which make the front part closest to her nose bridge look much thicker. This look works for her but it can make eyes appear to close together for other people, or droop the top lid.
The key with thick brows is to not remove too much hair from the tail ends in hopes of arching the brow more or thinning out the shape. Also, as Kate has a longer forehead the thicker shape is good for her as it balances her forehead in proportion to her features.”

Kate’s eyebrows are rather dark; do you recommend women fill in their brows? If so, how can they do this and what tools would they use?
“For Kate she just needs a bit of warmth as her brow color is ashy and her hair color is warm. The easisest and quickest change for her brow color would be to apply Tinted Brow Gel in Brunette.”

If a women wants to get her eyebrows done professionally for the first time, how should she go about researching where to go?
“Word of mouth in my opinion is still the best referal. If you see a woman with gorgeous brows ask her where she goes.”

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