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Did Kris Humphries Really Cheat On Kim Kardashian? That New Video Proves Nothing

Wed, December 14, 2011 4:18pm EDT by 32 Comments
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Miss Tila says: All that video proves is that Kris Humphries spent time with friends while Kim Kardashian was away — and there’s nothing wrong with that!

I know I told you guys last time that I was not going to do anymore write-ups about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, but something has been put out recently that made me feel like I needed to speak out. I’m talking about the recent video of Kris partying in his NYC hotel suite with two blonde girls, which is believed to have been filmed while he and Kim were still married. *GASPS!* (…Sike!) I think this is such BS and it’s all very well-orchestrated by Kim and her Momager to make Kris look bad in the hopes of winning back the fans she lost.

Kim experienced a huge media backlash for divorcing Kris after just 72 days, and once she realized that everyone was turning against her, she went into hiding. She let her mom, Kris Jenner, do all the talking for her while she figured out how to spin the bad publicity. I find it extremely odd that this video happened to come out now, right when Kim is still dealing with all this backlash. Why didn’t this video come out when it was first filmed? Why now in the midst of all this divorce drama? Most of the time when, let’s just call them “groupies,” hang out with celebs, they tend to post pics and videos immediately after taking them just to show off. Or in many cases, they sell them to magazines to start a big scandal. So this leaves me thinking: If this was recorded while Kim and Kris were still married, why didn’t those girls try to get their 15 minutes of fame as the ones to “break up” the marriage? What would make them different than the alleged mistresses of celebrities like Tiger WoodsAshton Kutcher and Jesse James?

I’ll tell you why: It’s because there’s absolutely nothing scandalous about this stupid video! You can tell Kris was just having a bunch of friends over, and he wasn’t even paying attention to those silly girls. Since when did it become so horribly wrong to hang out with your friends while you’re married? It would be a different story if the video showed Kris kissing the girls or being super flirty and sexual, like how Ashton was acting towards the girls he was hanging out with. But in this case, Kris was just totally chillin’ out with his buddies.

I used to date someone I cared about very much, I even loved this person, and they had a roommate that was a total party animal. The roommate was always having huge parties at their house, but I didn’t let it bother me because: (1) I knew I had this person’s heart, (2) we both trusted each other fully, and (3) this person was always trying to leave and come over to my house whenever they’d have after-parties there. We had a really strong bond, and a deep love for one another. You know it when you love someone because there’s a deep connection, so trust comes easily. We both knew each other so well that there was no need to hide anything or get mad at each other if we hung out with our friends.

In closing, I just want to remind people that it’s not wrong to have friends just because you’re married. I don’t think Kris did anything wrong at all in this video, and people are making it a bigger deal then it actually is. I mean, what was he supposed to do as a newlywed while Kim was constantly away working? Was he supposed to just sit around the house, staring at her picture, hugging a teddy bear and crying all night alone in bed?

But hey, at least Kris is getting out of this marriage sooner than later. I think the divorce is actually a blessing in disguise. Kris would have gotten hell over every little thing that he did — just like Scott Disick did for a while — and then would be constantly pressured to get Kim pregnant… or else. That’s a lot of pressure to be under! I’d be terrified to date someone whose entire family was be all up in my business.

Chin up, Kris; You gave Kim everything she ever wanted: a fat diamond ring and a fairytale wedding, and in return she gave you a divorce! So don’t feel bad. It takes a strong man to be able to deal with such a big circus. Props!

‘Til next time, over and out!

— Miss Tila