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Khloe, Your Marriage To Lamar Odom Will Only Be Stronger Because You Supported Him!

Tue, December 13, 2011 7:06pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 10 Comments
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It may be tough, Khloe, to leave your mom and sisters, but you are doing the absolute right thing to stand behind your man.

Khloe — when you married Lamar, you obviously knew there was a price you might have to pay as the wife of an NBA superstar. That price was the possibility every basketball player faces — being traded to a team in a different city than what has come to be your home.

Now that possibility has become a reality for the pair who’ve only been married just more than two years. And while Khloe tweeted, “we are all sad but positive energy gets you further than negative,” Dec. 11, she’s made it very clear she will not let distance separate her from her husband. She will absolutely pack up her bags and home and go with him.

Khloe is managing to totally look at the bright side and has just tweeted a photo of Lamar in his new Dallas Mavericks uniform, writing, “sooo handsome!!!!”

Fortunately, and I’m so glad to see this Khloe, you seem to have a much better understanding of what marriage commitment is than your sister, Kim.

At 27, you may be younger than Kim, 30, but when you said your marriage vows, you took the “for better or worse” seriously. It’s hard to believe Kim even gave her marriage a shred of a chance. The moment she thought she might have to compromise, she ran.

You — on the other hand — understand real marriage requires real compromises and sometimes one partners’ career has to come before the others’.

Fortunately, Khloe, your career is portable and TMZ reports that E! will be taking their camera crews to film your show in Dallas.

Plus, you have the means to fly to LA or NYC to see the rest of your family as much as you want.

Hopefully, Khloe, you and Lamar will actually love the independence from your family that you may find in Dallas. I hope so. But no matter what, congrats for making the right decision and supporting Lamar.

He didn’t have control over where he was traded and you didn’t blame him. You cheered him on! That’s what good marriage partners do!

— Bonnie Fuller

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