HollywoodLifers Respond: Fire Nicole Scherzinger From 'X Factor'

Mon, December 12, 2011 6:34pm EST by 7 Comments

It appears that many HollywoodLifers are still angry with Nicole after she caused Rachel Crow’s elimination!

In reaction to a December 9 “Bonnie Says,” many fans agreed that it was cowardly for Nicole Scherzinger to not choose Rachel Crow or Marcus Canty, leading to Rachel’s ousting from the show.

Here’s what a few of you had to say about the dramatic elimination:

  • St Elgyn: “Nicole, you shouldn’t voted such super talented Rachel out of this competiton, she deserved a second chance if you made your professional decision and not the Deadlock.. you had destroyed this little talented Rachel’s dreams and you should responsible the consequence;(“
  • Magdalana:”Well Ya, her job is a JUDGE!!! She is being paid to be a JUDGE!!! So Nicole, do your job and JUDGE and pick!! If Nicole gets fired then paula should too cuz she did the same thing a few weeks ago.. The point of having judges is to pick the appropriate person!! If she would have picked, Nicole would have had to pick Rachel!! She blew everyone away and it was obvious! the Dude sounded terrible and was sooo out of key!!! Shame on you Nicole and do your job next time!!”
  • Carmen Rosa:”You are sooo right. She did that to get back at Simon. Did she do the right thing? I don’t think so. She should be fierd. GO HOME LEAVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!”

HollywoodLifers voted on the poll “Should Nicole Scherzinger Be Fired From X Factor?” and more than 90 percent said yes, she should. Clearly, Nicole made a mistake with her decision to go to a deadlock and it could affect her future on The X Factor.

Although some of the comments got a little mean on Nicole’s behalf, she isn’t the first judge to go to deadlock, it just happened that her vote came down to a fan favorite. Hopefully she makes a better decision on the next XFactor!

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Posted at 3:40 AM on December 15, 2011  

first of all, all of you who think its americas fault are completely WRONG that is not how xfactor is supposed to work america chooses the bottom 2, then the JUDGES decide who stays based on the fight for their life performance. Deadlock is to be used if there is a TIE from thei HONEST OPINIONS deadlock was not designed for a way for one of the judges to not be a judge. Nicole should have thought it throught, JUDGED, and sent one home. Had she HONESTLY picked rachel then the deadlock decision would have been fair. However its not fair to either contestant now. To be honest, i thought msybe rachel should have gone home, until her AMAZING save me. Marcus did such an amazing save me i thought it would be hard to beat, but she blew it out of the water period.

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Posted at 3:34 PM on December 13, 2011  

who the heck are these so-called holliwoodlifers? i just counted 3! and their opinion matters much? weh!?

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Posted at 4:52 AM on December 13, 2011  

agree @steve V. we all know that nicole is a judge and we know what is a judge is. Nicole can’t make a decision so she is not capable of being a judge. she voted for marcus but the way she vote for marcus is the not the way we want to be a judge like.. but that’s it! and hoping she will shine. I think accepting the fact that rachel is already out would make our heart and mind better..I HATE You hush! hush! girl

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Posted at 8:09 PM on December 12, 2011  

It’s not Nicoles fault that America didn’t vote for Rachel. Nicole voted for Marcus to stay and Rachel to go home, that was her choice. I really don’t understand why people are putting the blame on her. Someone had to go home and it was Rachel. Get over it.

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Posted at 8:17 PM on December 12, 2011  


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Posted at 7:47 PM on December 12, 2011  

How can ppl say fire Nicole? Wasn’t it America’s fault for making Rachel be the lowest voted contestant? seriously use ur brain..

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Steve V

Posted at 7:00 PM on December 12, 2011  

No judge should abstain from a vote. It is a fiduciary obligation, and the producers should provide consequences. In a backstage interview after the fact, Nicole Scherzinger admitted she thought that deadlock would have resulted in the elimination of Marcus Canty, someone who in her words, “was in the bottom two twice already.” If Ms. Scherzinger cannot perform her job properly, then she should be terminated, and obviously the XFactor is not for her. The producers should bring in a new Judge and should have never promoted her from Co-host with awkward Welsh boy to Judge.

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