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Kris Humphries Is Whipped By Kim Kardashian — What More Could She Want?

Mon, December 12, 2011 10:44am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 53 Comments

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Kim Kardashian –  I don’t know how Kris Humphries could be more of  a Mr. Nice Guy. If this week’s episode, Dec. 11, is any indication, he was more than willing to meet you halfway on your urge to have a baby and more.

So where’s Mr. Hyde? According to sources close to the Kardashians, Kris Humphries turned into an unrecognizable monster, the moment the honeymoon was over. But there’s not a shred of evidence of that at all on KKTNY so far.

In the third episode, Kris couldn’t appear more devoted to Kim from start to finish. When Kim first approaches him about going off the pill and trying to get pregnant, he is a little surprised.

They’ve only been married a little over a month, Kris points out to Kim. But once she tells him that she’s 30 and feels excited about having a baby with him, sooner than you can say “baby boom” Kris thinks about it and gets on board with Kim’s baby yearnings.

But it’s not like, he just flips on a “baby-ready” switch. He does actually think it over. He gets down and plays with baby Mason … a lot. He talks to Scott Disick about being a dad. He also attempts to have a meaningful discussion about it with Kim.

Kim however wants to have her cake and eat it too. She tells Kris in no uncertain terms that she will NEVER EVER live in Minnesota– no way, no how, not never. Apparently this contradicts discussions that Kim and Kris have had pre-wedding in which, he points out, she agreed to live part of the year in his hometown.

Now however, Kim is buying none of that compromise thing. She tells Kris she needs to live near her family. She never ever even acknowledges that his family might be valuable to him.

She feels like Kris isn’t being supportive of her career. And he does flub up by telling her that by the time her kids are school age, no one’s going to remember who she is. Not what Kim wants to hear, Kris …

On the other hand, Kris is being somewhat realistic — reality tv careers DON’T last forever and neither will the Kardashian phenomenon. But then of course neither do NBA careers.

In any case, by the end of the episode it’s Kris who meets ore than halfway and tells her that he’s love to start a family with her — even though of course, he’s only 26 — and that he’s willing to work out their differences.

By then however, Kim has decided that opening the baby discussion was too soon and she’s ready to tear open her next pack of birth control pills.

What we have now seen in the last two episodes is that it’s Kim who is far, far less ready to compromise to make their marriage work than Kris. Compromise- is that even a word in Kim’s vocabulary.

Poor Kris, just seems relentlessly blindsided.

The guy actually seems to think he signed up for a real marriage. Not one where EVERYTHING was televised. Not one where he was living with Kourtney, Scott and Mason. Not one where Kim’s sisters called him a “barking dog,” and not one, where Kim always has to get her own way.

Last week he fled NYC to get a little peace and quiet in Minnesota and it forced Kim to finally spend a little semi-alone time with him and consider that he needed to train for his basketball career.

This week, Kim teases him with the idea of starting a family and then discusses it way more with her mother, sisters and best friend LaLa Vasquez than with Kris himself.Lala keeps asking Kim if she’s talked about it with Kris. At least, she understands that baby discussions are supposed to include the sperm donor… oh, I mean, husband.

Kim fianlly makes her decision not to proceed WITHOUT Kris. HIS opinion doesn’t really matter to her.

Then, again earlier reports about the breakdown of the marriage blamed Kris for his many party nights out with his friends. But Kris’ one boys night out on the show so far was dinner with a pair of geeky guy friends on last night’s episode and there were no girls in sight.

Kris made a point of reminding the dorky duo that he was “married now” and other girls didn’t appear to even cross his mind.

So now we’ve reached episode three without any sighting of Kris The Villian. What we have seen is Kris, The Nice Guy, always one or two steps behind Kim, trying to figure out what will make her happy.

It’s clear, HE thinks he’s in the marriage for the long haul and is enamored with his complicated, busy wife.

As for Kim, she definitely appears to be taking the Kourtney Kardashian approach to man-handling. Kourtney doesn’t sleep with Scott and treats him like a silly prop, she can push around. And laugh about his sexually -frustrated semi-addiction to porn websites with her sisters.

But is Kris ready to be that much of a pushover? I don’t think so.

Is that what really ends up pissing Kim off?

We’ll stay tuned.

— Bonnie Fuller

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