Nicole Scherzinger, You SHOULD Be Fired If You Won't Make The Tough Decisions

Fri, December 9, 2011 4:10pm EST by 158 Comments
Rachel Crow Voted Off
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Nicole, it’s YOUR fault the super-talented Rachel Crow has been x-ed out of ‘The X Factor!’ If you had some balls & did your job, she’d still be a contender.

Nicole Scherzinger, I hope you just learned a gigantic lesson Dec. 8 on The X Factor. You blew it! You refused to step up to a tough decision — one you are required and paid to make. You refused to eliminate Marcus Canty, the contestant you truly believed was weakest, and instead you cried and allowed the show to go to deadlock. That meant the decision to eliminate either Rachel Crow or Marcus, was left up to how America voted on the previous night’s show.

You thought you could play a game. Simon Cowell revealed in an interview after the show, speaking to and other media outlets, that you were convinced that America had voted for Rachel.

“I think she thought it was a decent way to let Marcus go,” Simon admitted. “She wanted to let him go with some dignity. She was attached to them both. But if [Nicole] thought Rachel was going to be in the bottom, she would have gone the other way.”

You see, Nicole, your job as an X Factor judge is to make tough calls and to ALWAYS vote for who YOU think has the x-factor and will go on to be a huge star. It’s not to break down, get all teary, and be worried about “Marcus’ dignity.” Even notoriously soft-hearted Paula Abdul stepped up to the plate, admitting this was a terribly hard call, but that she would give her vote to Rachel.

The truth is that you’re there as the professional. The X Factor isn’t just a popularity contest — it’s about finding the talent that will produce hit records. I think Marcus is terrific and should have a good career ahead of him, but Rachel is something far more special. She is a genuine star. And as a judge, you needed to vote for her stardom and not second guess how viewers voted one night.  You abdicated your job and responsibility.

The fact is that Rachel’s performance Dec. 7 was not her best. Simon should take responsibility for that. The song choice was weak. However, her “save me” performance of “I’d Rather Go Blind,” first sung by the legendary Etta James, was stunning.

Rachel has never sung more powerfully and emotionally than when she sang out her rendition of the Etta James classic. Her vocal range was awesome and fully mature, despite just having recently turned 14.

While Marcus also pulled out a tremendous performance, it didn’t have the magic or promise of Rachel’s.

So, Nicole, it was your cowardice that skewed the show — and you knew you blew it when host Steve Jones announced the results.

“I watched her face at the same time I saw Rachel,” Simon told us. “She was completely devastated. I would never fire her for that.”

Poor Rachel, who literally collapsed to her knees after Steve read the news, showed far more courage and dignity than Nicole.

“[Nicole] is the nicest, most beautiful person inside and out!” Rachel graciously told reporters after regaining her composure. “She was so sad. I mean, all those people who were making threats like, “Go die!” It’s nobody’s fault except America’s fault.  It’s just what God had in store for me, and I will be OK.”

She even had the graciousness to shower praise on Marcus!

“Marcus is an amazing person,” she said. “When I met him, I knew there was a spark about him.  I think he has the x-factor!”

So there, Nicole. A little girl who radiates talent — but just wanted to perform to improve her beloved family’s life — had more guts and maturity than you who are pampered and paid millions to do a job you shirked.

Fortunately, I believe that despite your cowardly  move, Rachel will still have a huge career. Simon is convinced she will be snapped up by Nickelodeon or Disney, and so do I. They’d be nuts NOT to build a show around her.

And while Simon won’t fire you now — unless you step up, grow a pair of balls and do your job as a judge, even when it’s tough — America will fire you!

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– Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 10:51 PM on February 19, 2012  

sarah gearbhdt – how awesome! what great news! You are such a great support Melanie and friend to Rachel. What a cool relationship that will go on foreva! Thanks for all the great stories to follow! God rocks!

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Andy Common

Posted at 7:07 PM on January 19, 2012  

Nicole Scherzinger sucks! She was hired to do a job – JUDGE! But was too spineless to do it.! That led to Rachel Crow being elliminated.

She’s a spineless coward and should just go back to dancing half naked. Luckily, Rachel’s talent will take her far. I still wanted to see her win. I cried along with her. I wish the boo’s Nicole received were even louder.

It made sense when Simon used the deadlock because Canty and Bell were close that night. However, this performance was a no-brainer, and no one should defend Nicole’s actions. Plus, Marcus had been in the bottom three times.

Some say that she was justified in doing that because Nicole never thought Rachel would be the one with the least votes. This just tells me that Nicole never thought that Rachel’s exceptional talent would put her in the bottom, because she was better than her competitor. All the more reason for her to do her job which is to be a judge and vote for who she knows was the most talented.

I also read where someone said “it’s not her fault for being nice. Nicole is an amazing mentor and a good judge, she’s just a bit overly empathetic. She couldn’t decide because she liked both of them, and knew that it meant a lot to them both. she thought that either way she voted, marcus would get sent home. So she gave marcus that chance so that he could go out with grace. She never thought that it would be Rachel who got the lowest number of votes. No one did.”

Well, to that I say she was not hired to sit there and cry and play nice, nice, she was hired to do a job, which was to Judge and select whom she felt has the “X-Factor”, the talent. Just because she liked Marcus, that’s no reason for her not to vote for the more talented contestant. She liked them all, then should she have never voted? She focused too much on wanting to be all of these contestant’s friends that she lost track of doing her job. Of course she bawled. She bawled because she knew it was her fault that the contestant with the “X-Factor” got sent home over the contestant who had been on the bottom so many times. Would Marcus have felt that having millions of views vote against him “going out with grace”?? No, he would have felt like crap. Did you see his reaction when Rachel’s name was called? Even he knew she was a much better singer. Unfortunately for Rachel, as in American Idol, viewers get laxed and don’t vote because they feel, “oh, she’s a shoe-in to go through”. If there was a “mistake” made, and Nicole caused it then it WAS her fault. (A bit elementary, huh?). I think that’s one of the faults of the show. The judges should be made to vote until it is turned over to the viewers.

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Posted at 10:41 PM on January 7, 2012  

she tried her best! what is peoples problem?! i am so suprised u can spell :P dumbuss

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Posted at 10:32 PM on January 7, 2012  

Rachel is NOT a brat! She is a young girl in a very stressful adult situation!I bet you would feel different if it were your child!

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Posted at 5:03 PM on December 28, 2011  

I think that if Nicole and Paula are both going to judge the next X Factor, they shouldn’t sit them next to each other. Nicole was looking for advice from the other judges and it was Paula who told her to let it go to the public decision. They tended to gang up on Simon together. I think if they were seated at opposite ends of the table and the judges weren’t allowed to ask each other for advice at elimination time it would be much more fair. That’s just my opinion.

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Posted at 1:28 PM on December 24, 2011  

Rachel showed no courage and dignity! She was a sore loser. That’s it. I think Nicole was a wuss, but do not praise that brat Rachel.

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Posted at 1:27 PM on December 24, 2011  

While I agree Nicole should have stood her ground, I do not think she should do any apologizing. Rachel should not be praised for her self-centered, bratty tantrum that she threw. Rachel is a brat.

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Posted at 5:52 PM on December 17, 2011  

I completely agree, Nicole should be fired, it was extremely unprofessional from her to inflict on the audience and on the contestants her melodramatic ‘I can’t do this’ act. If she can’t do it, she should not be on the show. She is getting paid for making a decision based on the talent and performance of the contestants and she seemingly prefers to play an unbelievable performance to avoid responsibility. Just as Melanie was brought back by Simon after his recognition of the mistake it was sending her home, so Rachel should be brought back and Nicole should be made apologize to Rachel and the audience in general.

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