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'The Sitter:' Five Reasons To See This Hilarious New Comedy

Fri, December 9, 2011 12:01am EDT by William Earl Add first Comment
The Sitter Review
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Jonah Hill is hysterical in one of the year’s most fun big screen adventures!

Going to the movies is all about escapism, and if you want to live on the wild side for a few hours, definitely check out The Sitter. Starring Jonah Hill as a super-irresponsible babysitter for a ragtag group of kids, the simple premise is a springboard for some huge laughs. Check out the best reasons to make The Sitter a must see!

1) The cast is inspired!

Even though Jonah, 27, is perfect as the jaded straight man, the rest of the ensemble shines as well. Sam Rockwell is demented as a drug dealer as friendly as he is deadly, Max Records brings surprising nuance and sadness to his role as a problem child and Ari Graynor is predictably hilarious as Jonah’s aloof ‘girlfriend.’

2) The comedy is unexpected!

Although many movies lob humor at audiences like softballs, the lunacy in The Sitter is much more situational. Our favorite scene? The demented lair of Sam’s drug kingpin, complete with roller-skating musclemen and dinosaur eggs!

3) The fun ’80s vibe is a great throwback!

A lot of fans have cited the classic Adventures in Babysitting as an touchstone for this movie, and we TOTALLY see the comparison. Fun, flashy and played with reckless abandon, The Sitter is the type of big Hollywood fun we would love to see more often.

4) The movie has heart!

Even though there are plenty of scatological jokes, The Sitter has many moments of genuine emotion. Even though it’s pretty obvious that every character will learn a lesson through the course of the movie, many of them really hit home, especially young Max’s revelations about his anxiety. The film is feel-good, but coupled with Jonah’s acidic tongue it doesn’t lose any spunk.

5) It’s short and sweet!

In this age of bloated blockbusters, The Sitter swoops in, makes you laugh and leaves you wanting more. It’s the perfect amount of time to chill out, eat some popcorn, and have a great time with friends!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — will you see The Sitter this weekend?

— William Earl

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