Will Taylor Lautner Star In Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun' Remake?

Fri, December 9, 2011 3:30pm EST by 11 Comments
Taylor Lautner Tom Cruise Top Gun

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aisling dooley

Posted at 8:18 AM on June 3, 2013  

Taylor Lautner & Katie Holmes in Top Gun 2

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Posted at 2:39 PM on May 18, 2012  

Colin Eggsfield should play Maverick.. he reminds me of a young Tom Cruise.

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Posted at 12:35 AM on January 6, 2012  

Umm…Yea Taylor should be the star. In my opinion he rocks and he’s a really talented actor, and trust me i would know.
sometimes the press is too hard on celebrities like taylor. TThey always have something negative to say about someone.
If he becomes the star im pretty sure it will be a hit, just like twilight was a major hit. I think the press needs to just give the stars a break and stop judging, they’re just mad that they arent famous. Im all for it GO TAYLOR!!!!

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Posted at 5:20 PM on December 12, 2011  

Big stars are allowed to make crap movies sometimes though. Since JD is established in HW it doesn’t matter what he does. Right now TL is trying to get there and since Abduction wasn’t a step in the right direction, they trash it and him. I still think he did just fine for his age…but I also feel that it was catering to the teens when he wanted this to reach a larger audience, I didn’t mind it eventhough the plot was familiar and my favorites are all noir films but my dad thought it was total crap ie not widening his fan base. then again my dad is more of a John Wayne fan. But that’s just from my family full of cynics. :)

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Posted at 5:33 PM on December 11, 2011  

Abduction made much more than big stars like Johnny Depp’s Rum Dairy or Sarah Jessica Parker last movie. The media seems to pick on this kid. I think he is talented and will prove himself one day.

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Posted at 6:12 PM on December 10, 2011  

Abduction has made $82 million (so far). Pretty good, imo. Especially when he pretty much carried the entire film and it’s marketing on his back.

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Posted at 1:20 AM on December 10, 2011  

Well, if they’re going contemporary….we are talking unmanned “drones”….handled by skilled “hands” on “pilots” sitting at a console in Afghanistan or even stateside. Heard he’s a pretty skilled vid gamer; so why not

“top gun” pilot training schools are obsolete, those programs no longer exist.

Internationally people are not so polarized and prejudiced…Abduction made over $50 mil, so cumulatively $80mil for a movie with a $35mil production pricetag isn’t too shabby. International film markets are overtaking domestic US markets in dictating what’s a success & what isn’t. His appeal internationally is high.

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Posted at 5:31 AM on December 10, 2011  

Actually everything all around sucks when crappy movies are held in such high regard. Ie: Twilight Saga.. Not one for the thinkers is it? Abduction, unfortunately, had the same shell as all those other predictable “who am I” and “who should I trust” movies. So the fact that it did well anywhere is lame. Unless it was all about seeing Taylor..then kudos to him. Just one person’s humble attempt at freedom of speech.

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No thank you

Posted at 8:56 PM on December 9, 2011  

I don’t fancy this whole comparing him to Tom Cruise idea. I’m old enough to have seen Tom in all those movies back in the day and I was not too huge of a fan. So while all the teens are exclaiming how cool Tom Cruise is and stating how much TL is like him…I’m vomiting in my mouth a little bit.

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Posted at 7:16 PM on December 9, 2011  

Can Taylor Lautner play James Bond?

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Posted at 5:54 PM on December 9, 2011  

I cannot see TL today acting as a 22 yr old or older (which would be the younger age of a top gun pilot). But,I could see him in some of the old James Dean roles. His characters need more depth like those of Matt Damon or maybe work with Scorsese.

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