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Ian Somerhalder Reveals His Birthday Wish To His Fans

Thu, December 8, 2011 10:10am EDT by Andy Swift 6 Comments
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Grab your rings and open your wallets, Planeteers — Ian needs your help!

It would be easy for Ian Somerhalder to get a little selfish on his 33rd birthday — God knows I celebrated my birthday for a week straight this year — but in typical Ian fashion, he’s thinking about everyone but himself today. In a video message to his fans, originally posted to YouTube on Dec. 4, Ian reveals his one birthday wish: for fans to donate to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and help save the planet!

“There are 7 billion of us,” he notes. “I think the question we’re asking ourselves is, ‘How do we keep going? How do we progress without exhausting our planet’s resources? How do we live harmoniously on this earth without doing that?'”

All good questions, and while no one has a concrete solution to our current ecological woes, ISF is working towards making the world a more sustainable place — one effort at a time.

“Along with governmental bodies, individuals like you and me, corporations and universities, we can do it,” Ian says. “Donate to ISF. It’s what we do.”

He concludes: “I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making this the most incredible birthday I’ve ever had.”

Click here to visit ISF’s official website, where you can contribute your donation.

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