Kris Humphries CLEARLY Was In Love With Kim Kardashian In 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York'!

Mon, December 5, 2011 1:18pm EDT by 104 Comments
Kris Humphries

Kris Humphries was no villain on last nights’ ‘Kim & Kourtney Take New York’ episode.  He’s so happy to be with Kim — the divorce mystery deepens.

I bet all of us are looking for serious signs of what went wrong in Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage.

Now we’re even more mystified after watching Kris look like a puppy dog completely caught up in adoring his “little” wife Kim, on last night’s show.

When Kris Humphries left New York City to fly home to Minnesota without Kim, his motives and frustrations became completely understandable when he and Kim finally discussed them within the quiet confines of his own home.

Kris pleaded with Kim. I need to escape the distractions of New York City. I need to escape the fighting between Kourtney and Scott. I need to escape baby Mason playing outside my door. I need to focus on my career — keeping myself in shape for basketball. That’s what Kris told Kim.

In other words, he needed to escape the madness that can be the Kardashian’s lives, especially when they are shooting one of their shows.

Can you blame him? The poor guy was married less than a month. He wanted to be married and spend time with his wife…alone.

That is completely understandable, don’t you think?

When Kris picks up groceries in Minnesota and brings them home for the pair to cook dinner together, he couldn’t seem happier. “Is this what married life is like,” he says, completely thrilled. Though of course the pair aren’t alone at all. A camera crew is there recording their first home – cooked – together married meal.

Still, compared to the chaos of what must have been their life in New York City, being at Kris’s home in Minnesota, ONLY with a camera crew and hair and makeup artists but minus any other Kardashians, must have felt like near-solitude.

In any case, I couldn’t help sympathizing with Kris being a runaway groom. He needed to get his wife away from the rest of the clan and get some downtime and discussion time for the two of them and he probably didn’t know how else to get her attention.

He seemed sweet, in love and in over his head. Kim said she wanted to make her marriage work and after tears and some talk, she suggested some solutions to Kris that could make their marriage work without the pair having to live in two totally separate cities.

What we didn’t see was any evidence of a villainous Kris. Kris partying at night at clubs without Kim, Kris trying to horn in on Kim’s fame and looking for a PR person or agent to get him gigs at clubs, Kris insulting Kim.

None of those things which apparently derailed the marriage. In fact, he appeared to be focused on his career- something Kim was supposedly worried, he was blowing off. To be fair, Kris did joke about Kim’s underarm odor but it had to be a joke because the next moment he was hugging her.

In any case a BO comment shouldn’t be grounds for divorce.

So what didn’t we see? This episode was filmed about a month after the marriage. That leaves about 42 days to divorce. We know Kris didn’t commit an unpardonable offense like physical abuse or major cheating or we would DEFINITELY know about it.

Kim — you wanted to make your marriage work on or around day 30. What REALLY happened? Are you still sure you want to divorce Kris Humphries, who appears lovable and so in love with you?

It’s really not that easy to find a nice guy. Maybe, you need to give this one another chance.It’s probably not too late!

– Bonnie Fuller

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Posted at 11:29 AM on January 1, 2013  

In regards to Kim and Kanye’s pregnancy, I am happy for them. I think that they will be great parents and I wish them the best through this journey. With that being said, I am not entirely supportive of Kim or her Kardashian family. They are not villainous people, as many people seem to think. I think Kim But Kim, you made a big mistake. You really REALLY hurt Kris through this divorce, when he was willing to work this out. This marriage could have worked. He is a good guy and he really loved you, and if you came to a disagreement (not going to say what it is) with him, you need to work it out with him. Talk with him about this and come to an agreement, and not file a one-sided divorce. If you are in a rush to do something, start a family, make sure that both of you are ready for it. This is something you guys should have talked about. Marriage is not a “me” or “what I want”. It is a “we” and “what we want for each other”. Marriage is work, but in the end, it is great thing to have. You brought Kanye dissing on him, which is unnecessary because this poor man is still hurting over the divorce. Whether publicly or privately, you need to apologize to Kris for the hurt you have caused him and his family, and then hopefully, you two can move on. And I think the Kardashians really need to take a long break from reality TV and celebrity life, not just for the haters, but for themselves. So they can have some quality family time, without the cameras periodically filming them. Whether they want to admit it or not, reality TV is damaging their relationships, and they need to take a long break from it to recuperate. Move to the Bahamas or something and escape the chaos of celebrity life. I feel like I have said too much already. Enough said.

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Posted at 4:16 AM on March 6, 2012  

Kris loveable? thats a joke hes inept in every way, besides basketball. the most unatractive personality imaginable.

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Posted at 1:55 PM on January 3, 2012  

Bonnie my Dahlin’…the lady kardashian love only one other thing beside herself……the almighty dollar……there is absolutely nothing wrong with Kris….wish I had him, life would be a riot I could tell you, he has a sense of humor about him that I would milk and I know he would be right back at me with the barbs. life would be a doosy with that baby boy…I hope he finds someone that really appreciates him for who he is and not what they want him to be,……there is an honesty about him (though harsh at times)…….I really believe he can make a woman mighty happy……..Chin up Kris……

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Posted at 12:13 PM on December 27, 2011  

A real male, wants to provide for his love of his life, his wife. He seems to be a good guy from what I can see, but let’s face it Kim is old, and she has been independent for too long, so his thoughts and way of life isn’t for her. He comes from a married happy average family, she comes from a fast pace attention chasing family. they are from two different cultures, but it doesn’t make either of them bad people, it just goes to show that the relationship can’t work and either has the patience to try. Can we blame either of them…No it’s their lives. Let them live and be who they want to be.

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Posted at 8:27 AM on December 27, 2011  

Lets be realistic about this bonnie. If u met a man whom u were head over heals in luv with and wanted to marry u would u be willing to give up ur life and career and move to his hometown and make the only life u have is the life he wants u to have. Woth no questions asked on ur part. Kris has the mentality of bcuz hes “male” that he can cqll the shots and then hes a bully on top of it. And then when u did that poll, it should have read “no, she shouldnt b married to someone who is a comtrol freak” ot “no, she shouldnt stay married to someone she doesnt luv”. Thats a conflict of interest on ur part. If ur willing to liv like that its ur choice but she shouldnt have to. I support her 100%.

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Posted at 9:29 PM on December 19, 2011  

I think Kim is selfish, self-centered, and mean when things don’t go her way. Khloe is fat and ugly and is lucky she found Lamar who truly loves her because no one else will. Khloe is and always a mean girl – she’s mean to Scott, Kris and her own mother. She is so big she always manhandles her sisters, but Kim gets mad when Kris H picks her up – he’s a big man what did she expect. Kourtney is crazy and mean to Scott. She is actually a good mother, but having her baby sleep with her and Scott in another bedroom – weird. They want their men to be weak – they want to rule because they are the Kardashians. Let’s not even go there about brother Rob – lazy, fat, and a woman hater. He treats his sisters with so much disrepect, but it’s ok for him to live off his sister Khloe – shameful family.

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Posted at 9:27 PM on December 19, 2011  

I think Kim is selfish, self-centered, and mean when things don’t go her way. Khloe is fat and ugly and is lucky she found Lamar who truly loves her because no one else will. Khloe is and always a mean girl – she’s mean to Scott, Kris and her own mother. She is so big she always manhandles her sisters, but Kim gets made when Kris H picks her up – he’s a big man what did she expect. Kourtney is crazy and mean to Scott. She is actually a good mother, but having her baby sleep with her and Scott in another bedroom – weird. They want their men to be weak – they want to rule because they are the Kardashians. Let’s not even go there about brother Rob – lazy, fat, and a woman hater. He treats his sisters with so much disrepect, but it’s ok for him to live off his sister Khloe – shameful family.

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Posted at 2:35 AM on December 10, 2011  

If Kim was serious about the marriage she would not have moved in with her sister and her boyfriend. She needed a buffer between herself and Kris. What newlyweds move in with their relatives if they don’t have to?

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Posted at 5:31 PM on December 8, 2011  

Kim k is a fraud. Kris Obviously loved her. She has to stay in front of the camera and this was another one of her premeditated ideas to stay in the spot light. She has no morals and she is only capable of loving herself. She lost a good man. And what real woman ( with millions in the bank) make her new husband share an apartment with 2 other adults and a damn baby. This was not love on her part.

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Posted at 5:26 PM on December 8, 2011  

Hi kim,wassup?guys r much out there but d serious ones r scarce/rare 2 find.i know kris loves nd adores u,marriage is all about endurance.definitely there have to be ups nd down,you just ve 2 be patient nd be u.dnt let anyone deceive u nd i know u will make a good wife.takia,luv u!!!

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Posted at 7:29 AM on December 7, 2011  

Kim needs to marry a weak man. She dates men with careers, who are strong. She wants a man that will compromise mainly to her wishes and wants. That is what it appears to me. I do not know what all this work she does may be but if she was really in love, she would have scaled back her career. So far, I think Khloe is the only sane one in the bunch. I think Kim married just to do it. She likes a strong man but she needs to a weak man, that she can control. SO FAR, I do not see Kris Humphries as a bad man. I see Kim and even Kourtney as selfish women with control issues & they will self destruct themselves. You two push the men in your lives to certain extremes & it may affect their behavior.

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Posted at 6:28 PM on December 7, 2011  


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Extra Extra

Posted at 4:42 AM on December 7, 2011  

Rahda Issa, your one of the duped fans. Your in denial….You have been manipulated, deceived, frauded, lied to, by the Kardashian family…. your just like Kris Humphries…Used….Let me know what this family gives you for christmas for your support…hahahaha…Suckerz! In all good fun!

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Posted at 2:24 AM on December 22, 2011  

“you’re”,not ‘your’ :)

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Rahda Issa

Posted at 2:48 AM on December 7, 2011  

Boycott the goverment & how they have been “pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes!”
We are all mesmerized by this family because above & beyond they love each other, work hard & are sincere.
They are the modern day ” Brady Bunch” & we all are eating it up.
They are human & have feelings. I don’t think Kim did anything evil. She may have gotten caught up in the fairy tale marriage, the glam & fame.
Whom wouldn’t? Give her props inspire of the backlash, humiliation & gossip. She was strong enough to know she made a mistake & had the courage to make a change against all odds. Kourtney was right. Kris is a “barking dog.”
His ruddiness & ill manner shows through.
He is not each other & support one another. They work hard & are living the American Dream stop hating them. They are human & are d

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Posted at 2:51 PM on December 6, 2011  

Everyone seems to Hate this show so much. I do to. Have not watched since she announced her divorce. She really pulls the wool over everyones eyes. But now she is just downright mean and desperate. The show got really low ratings and so it should. She is wasting everyones time and we could be more invested in other more deserving shows. This whole family is duping everyone and making millions and don’t care a hoot about us the viewer. Boycott is a good idea, I am in on that for now on. Go fight with cameras off Kartrashians.

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Posted at 12:00 PM on December 6, 2011  

It so sad to see this peoples take marriage so lightly..If they really love each other..all tough situation can be work out..And having your life be film 24 /7 is not a good ideal for any marriage..

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Posted at 8:20 AM on December 6, 2011  

Kim Kardashian did not love Kris Humphries. She married him just to be married.

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Posted at 11:25 PM on December 5, 2011  


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Posted at 10:56 PM on December 5, 2011  

Im sorry Anna, but you are so wrong…It wasn’t the “Handwashing” comment, nor was it the odor of the armpit comment. Just because this man spills out, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, once in a while doesn’t mean he’s a good man!! This was just kindling for the big issues. I don’t know abour your relationships, but every normal woman I know would NOT accept the treatment that Kris gave to Kim. As for Kloe being jealous of KIM, that is hilarious!!! Kim is always talking about how much she LOVES her brother in law Lamar!!! If anyone is jealous it’s Kim of Kloe and Lamars relationship!! The only one we hear giving any sort of help to the sisters and any bit of sane advice is Kloe!!! Thank god for Kloe and Rob.. They are at least a bit sane… I was going to include Kourney until last night!! If I came home and my daughter in law had my private things in the garbage I would have blown a gasket…How ignorant, arrogant, and just plain stupid of her… She did apologize, but too little too late..How would she like it if the same was done to her or her mom.. What would she do if Rob’s girlfriend did that to her MOM..WEIRDO…

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Posted at 11:03 PM on December 5, 2011  

Magdalana, you really need to develop a sense of humor. I love Kris’s sense of humor….unlike a lot of people at least he has one! Kim is just a stuck up little brat…

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Posted at 12:59 AM on December 6, 2011  

The marriage clearly was a ‘fraud’ on Kris and the american public. If the marriage was based on love then Ms Kim would seek counseling to resolve issues. Any person who has been single for a long… period of time have issues concerning living with someone else (leaving home, travelling, clean freak, etc). There is an adjustment period. If the person puts you down in front friends, you discuss these issues and understand each other feelings. You don’t get a divorce after 72 days, unless someone is abusing you or blatantly disrespecting you! Love was clearly omitted from this relationship on Kim K’s part.

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Posted at 5:05 AM on December 6, 2011  

Magdalena, I don’t know about your relationships, or your insecurities, but if my man made those comments to me I’d laugh with him! hahaha..because I would understand how he is being playful…and I’m like many other women in this world, I’m a confident secure woman! : ) Furthermore, I like that Kris tells Kim he loves her all the time.A woman as insecure as her needs to hear it all the time. Believe me, there’s men out there that don’t say it because they expect you to know. Kim going to Minnesota was all staged by Kim and her producer’s of the show and the family. They want to try to show him like not trying to make it work but he is trying. kim doesn’t try to talk to Kris, she looks like she is trying to set him up to look bad and she also tries to push his buttons so that he looses his composure. Kris is smart enough to know that he just needs to walk away. Kim wasn’t getting the reaction that she wanted so thru a fit. Hello, this crap is staged, before khloe and Kourtney went to the hamptons Kim got in a fight with both of them. She even called kourtney a troll, but yet Kourtney was the one that she called from Minnesota. Also, did you guys not hear Kourtney when she stated…if Kris wants to live in a cave, then you can live in a palace. What a disrepect to all Minnesotans!! These girls are all spoiled brats!. In addition, Khloe is and has always been jealous of Kim. it is because of kim that all of these girls are successful. But now because of the backlash on Kim, they need Khloe to carry the torch for the brand because she’s the one that seems grounded and more appealing to the public. C’mon guys..look outside the box!! Seriously, they have you guys duped! Kris Humphries YOU ARE LOVE!!!hahahaha

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Posted at 1:08 AM on January 10, 2012  

Wow Anna! Have u ever been in relationship before?? Because if you have u would not find Kris’s comments funny and would not laugh at them. This called emotional and verbal abuse. I have been with the same type of guy before and trust me, I wanted to cry and run away. It doesn’t matter how staged this show is and how stupid Kim is, no-one forced Kris to act like a complete jerk and treat his wife like crap! And when did u realize that Kris was SMART? Were u watching the same show? He is dumber then all Kardashians put together!

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Posted at 10:30 PM on December 5, 2011  

I don’t think Kris came off incredibly well during this episode… But keep in mind, he made this decision to move back to MN after pretty much a year of letting her control everything. She was pretty awful and controlling while she planned that wedding! I think he had a pretty good idea of what NY would be like if he went back, and he was trying to get himself together.

And, I think Kim is jealous of Khloe and not the other way around. What was up with her getting so pissed about being woken up?! That was just weird…

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Posted at 10:42 PM on December 5, 2011  

When Kimberly and Kris met, KRIS knew EXACTLY what Kimberly was all about and knew where her life was in..No matter what you think about KIM (spoiled or NOT) Kris knew exactly how she was, how her family was, how controlling they were and from the beginning Kris was down right disrespectful and mean and childish and plain ignorant. Yes, Kimberly was always a spoiled rotten brat, but you knew what you got.. Kris was all Wow, Im getting some spotlight, i need to work it..sure he got one of the most beautiful woman on his arm, what man would NOT like that… Im sorry but Im not as naive as others and know both Kris and Kimberly knew right before the wedding that they should have postponed it…. But, you gotta do what you gotta do… I know 5 couples that got caught up on the glitz of their weddings only to divorce weeks later… give them both a break everone!! IT WAS BOTH THEIR FAULTS AS WELL AS THE E: CHANNEL FOR PUSHING THE WEDDING ON THEM BOTH.

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Not so fast

Posted at 4:38 AM on December 6, 2011  

Magdalana, Kim Knew exactly how kris was too. In addition, From the begining, Kris had to deal with all of Kim’s family meddeling in his and kim’s life. The fact in all of this is simple, Kim stated in her Blog thats she should have never gone through with the wedding but she got caught up in the hoopla. Ha! So she decided o continue with her fraudeulent wedding. It was never his fault, Yes, the dude was not perfect, but he was committed…something Kim and her family wasn’t prepared to do because they were just using him.

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Posted at 9:36 AM on December 6, 2011  

Not so fast I could not have agreed with you more. Bonnie I know you know the kardashians and Kim is friendly with you. Kim has to understand that marriage is hard work. This guy is good for Kim.if she looses this guy she will regret it to her grave. This marriage has awoken so many emotions and the public was hoping that Kim will wot out her issues with her husband and give him a chance since he himself said that. The public would have been with Kim but she dug her heels. He did not cheat on her or struck her. For all what we have watched this guy always says he loves her and you can see that it is genuine.there is never one time I have heard Kim say she loves him.bonnie I love your article andhopes Kim reads it especially the last two lines. Think about it Kimberley remember what your mom said after divorcing your dad.she then realise he was a very good man that she lost but you may not be as lucky as she was to get another good guy.

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