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‘KKTNY’ Recap: Kim Begs Kris To Move Back To New York

Sun, December 4, 2011 11:36pm EDT by Chloe Melas 19 Comments
Kim Kardashian

Kris is so happy to be living in Minnesota away from all the Kardashian drama in the big Apple. But is he being totally selfish?

Kim Kardashian really did try to save her marriage! On the Dec. 4 episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kim really shows us just how much she loves Kris — and she flies to his hometown to tell him!

On the season premiere, Kris left NYC to go back home so he could train for the upcoming NBA season. Little did he know that the lockout would continue for quite some time. But after Khloe and Kourtney tell Kim how weird it is for newlyweds to live a part, she jets off to see him.

As soon as Kim arrives in Minnesota she begins to complain about the small town lifestyle Kris leads. Kim can’t stand playing house but neither of them are willing to give up their current lives.

Believe it or not, Kim breaks down crying and tells Kris that they won’t stay married if they keep living in separate cities. She tells him tearfully that they need to compromise and Kris just sort of blankly looks at her. But when Kim storms off to pack her things and leave for NYC one day early, Kris realizes just how serious she is.

Kris tells Kim that he is willing to make it work and that he will get a basketball trainer in NYC and come back with her. Yay, but the happiness won’t last long! Just 72 days!

In the meantime, Kourtney and Khloe are in the Hamptons staying at Scott’s parent’s house. Khloe gets Kourtney and Scott to work out their issues and the two make up and even go to dinner — is the apocalypse near?!

But Khloe is really upset that Kim is ignoring her since their big blow up. Earlier in the episode Khloe wakes Kim up an hour before her alarm goes off and Kim acts like a total child and emails and texts Khloe awful things — she even calls her a troll! When Kim arrives back in NYC with Kris, she won’t even look at Khloe or talk to her — eek!

We know how this fairy tale ends, but tune in next week to get another clue as to why Kim and Kris called it quits!

— Chloe Melas