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'X Factor' Recap: Melanie Amaro Is The One To Watch On 'Michael Jackson' Week

Thu, December 1, 2011 4:33am EDT by 32 Comments
Melanie Amaro X Factor

Nearly all of the contestants — including my favorites Josh Krajcik and Rachel Crow — bombed this week, leaving Melanie Amaro to shine

This week on The X Factor, the contestants tried to pay homage to the late Michael Jackson by butchering singing his hits. Unfortunately, nearly every singer hit below the mark, which felt incredibly awkward considering Michael’s family — including his three children, Blanket, Paris and Prince — were sitting in the audience. Thankfully, the Jacksons were a diplomatic group and had nothing but positive things to say about the show, although the bored expressions on their faces spoke volumes. In fact, the performances were so painful, I’ve included the only one worth watching after the jump, just so you don’t have to sit through all of them if you haven’t already. You’re welcome.

Josh Krajcik: Last week’s wonder boy started the show off with a major rock ‘n’ roll number that included fire, cages and loud music. Ultimately, it was a lot of racket to my ears and eyes. I’m one of Josh’s biggest fans, but this didn’t do it for me. “As a spectacle…it was great. However, you were over=produced. You got lost in all the choreography. This is not you on stage. This is what Nicole wants to be,” Simon said. “I think it was your weakest performance yet.” I agreed with Simon.

Astro: After his stint a couple weeks ago, I know many viewers (my grandparents included) threatened to stop watching the show if he stayed in the competition. However, I still maintain he’s one of the most talented contestants on the show — even with the attitude. Plus, since he freaked out, Astro, 14, has been on his best behavior. As much as I enjoyed his rap to “Black or White,” Michael’s kids seemed bored to tears. Meanwhile, the judges ate it up. “I think you could win this competition,” Paula Abdul raved.

Drew: At first I thought Simon was purposefully sacrificing Drew by having her sing “Billie Jean” while sitting in a chair under a spotlight, but by the end it grew on me. It was a little boring, but haunting — and it had Simon on his feet. “It pains me to say this, but I liked it,” L.A. Reid said, complimenting the teen. “The whole chair thing, I don’t understand that. Simon, I’m sorry. You sounded beautiful. It’s exactly what I expected. You’re playing it safe with her,” Nicole complained. “Please do an up-tempo!” Paula begged. PLEASE. ZZzzzzz.

Side note: Is Steve Jones a robot?

Rachel Crow: Rachel sang “Can You Feel It?” And to answer her question, no, I didn’t feel it — and neither did anyone else. This is the first time I felt like Rachel truly bombed. “This is the only time that I’ve watched you and couldn’t believe you were having a good time,” L.A. said. “This song didn’t give you justice…it’s time to get back to what YOU want to do,” Paula said, diplomatically. Two toes down.

Marcus Canty: There’s no denying Marcus is a mega performer. He can sing, dance and back flip with the best of them. However, his performances never really stick with me. He should be on Broadway. Or in Las Vegas. Or somewhere he can entertain on a large scale, but just not on my TV screen every week. Overall, he’s not my favorite. Judging from Michael’s kids’ disinterested expressions, he wasn’t theirs either.

Chris Rene: In the package, L.A. said he just needed “the one performance,” and while I don’t think Chris’ rendition of “I’ll Be There” was “THE ONE,” it wasn’t half bad. Looking like Kenickie from Grease with his slicked back hair, Chris sang with heart, but not necessarily great pitch. The rap was definitely the strongest part of the song.

(Ugh. I’m sick of Michael Jackson week. These performances are just embarrassing.)

Melanie Amaro: As bizarre as it was that Melanie suddenly acquired an accent during last week’s shocking episode, it actually sets her apart from everyone else. Now she’s memorable. Her performance tonight was brilliant and the only one worth watching all night. “You were amazing and maybe the best of the night,” L.A. said. You think, L.A.? Duh. At this point, I think it’s Melanie FTW (for the win).

What did you think of Michael Jackson night? Did you find the vast majority of the performances to be sub par? Who do you think is getting the boot tomorrow? Sound off below!

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