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Astro, Watch Out — You're Not Forgiven For Your 'X Factor' Outburst

Thu, December 1, 2011 4:05pm EDT by 64 Comments
Astro X Factor

Viewers are furious Astro, the teen rapper with a bad attitude, is still being praised by the judges on ‘The X Factor’ — but he’s only a 15-year-old kid!

Last night’s Michael Jackson-themed episode of The X Factor was certainly flawed, in that most of the contestants had their weakest performances of the season. However, the majority of HollywoodLifers are still upset about Astro‘s outburst a couple weeks ago and say they will stop watching the show if he doesn’t get eliminated this week. 

Here is just  sampling of the hundreds of comments we’ve received about Astro:

Robert Tyler: just took x factor off of my tivo list. The fact that the judges let astro stay on the show is an absolute disgrace. I wont watch again until he is gone.

JM: ASTRO should go. Paula says he could win it!! What the hell is she on. The kid won’t sing and make his own songs. His own words,, hell if they so t say what song. He is suppose to sing, I would never know what the hell he was saying or trying to sing. I don’t think he could even sing at all.

Leah: God please get rid of that ASTRO kid!!!! SO ANNOYING!!!!!

Susan: Astro is a punk and a terrible role model for kids who are watching him-gives the wrong message-he should have been booted off of the show-the fact that he wasn’t tells me that there are a LOT of BRATS out there voting for him because they all think it is ok to act that way–he should have never made it to the show-he was a cocky brat right from the start and I pity any professionals who have to work with him in the future because he will only get worse!

Here’s the thing. We don’t support Astro’s bad attitude at all, but we’re willing to cut him a break. He seems like he’s really sorry for pitching a fit about being in the bottom two a couple weeks ago. Plus, like we said before, he’s just a kid — a kid who’s a prodigy and deserves a second chance. Additionally, it doesn’t seem Astro has the best parental influence. Even though his step-dad seems really cool, his mom has a chip on her shoulder. We think his attitude problem is learned from her and hopefully, the judges will shake him out of it.

What do YOU think? Does Astro deserve another chance or should he get the boot this week?

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