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Kirstin Says: Good For You, Rob & Kristen! You Haven't Let Fame Affect Your Friendships

Mon, November 28, 2011 8:02pm EDT by 30 Comments
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Even though ‘Twilight’ made them two of the biggest celebs in the world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart still support their friends and have managed to stay humble

It’s hard for me to imagine being in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s shoes. On one hand, I’m insanely jealous — who wouldn’t want millions of dollars, free designer duds and tons of fans? I’d put up with autographs and creepy stalkers for all of that too. However, I have to give them credit where it’s due. It must be difficult to never be able to do anything normal without getting harassed — yet, Rob, 25, and Kristen, 21, NEVER act like divas and seemingly haven’t changed at all since they became two of the biggest stars in the world.

Case in point: their date last week before Thanksgiving. On Wed. Nov. 23, Rob and Kristen supported their good friend, Marcus Foster, at his concert in London’s Camden section. An eyewitness told the couple was offered a spot backstage to watch, but they preferred to stay front and center with the masses — just like normal people.

In a situation like this, most celebs would probably not be caught dead in a small venue, but Rob and Kristen not only took time out of their schedules to see their buddy, they also wanted to be treated like everyone else. That’s really cool.

Another thing I appreciate about Robsten is how low key they are — especially when it comes to their money. Even though they both  made an estimated $25 million on the Breaking Dawn films (in addition to their percentages of the profits!), Rob AND Kristen dress like normal people. Rob is always wearing the same ball cap and jacket; meanwhile, Kristen sports Nike sneakers during red carpets and interviews.

It’s not just Rob and Kristen’s normal clothes — it’s their pets too, or at least their adopted dog, Bear. I love seeing celebs rescuing animals, but there was something so endearing about Rob picking Bear. He’s not the most attractive dog in the world, nor is he a purebred. However, Rob proudly walks him like he’s on The National Dog Show.

Lastly, I appreciate the way Rob and Kristen treat their fans. At the Breaking Dawn premiere in Los Angeles, I witnessed the stars first-hand as they delayed the screening by more than a half an hour just so they could sign autographs and take pics with fans, who had waited five days to see them. Plus, at the convention only a week prior, Rob and Kristen couldn’t stop thanking the thousands of Twi-hards screaming at them. Instead of acting annoyed, they are obviously indebted to the people who made them into huge stars — and it shows.

Even their co-stars have discussed how humble Rob and Kristen have stayed, despite their mega success. Alex Meraz recently told Live From The Red Carpet it’s something he’s learned from them. “All this madness can change a person, but they are very true to themselves and they are very strong,” he said. “It’s really cool to see that.”

Are you as impressed with Rob and Kristen and I am? Which stars do YOU look up to for staying down to earth? Sound off below!


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