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'Sister Wives' Finale Recap: Christine Admits She's Been A B*tch To Robyn

Mon, November 28, 2011 10:17am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 91 Comments
Sister Wives

But can you blame her? In this finale, perfect wife Robyn gives birth on air, Kody’s teens freak out over ANOTHER baby and Janelle tries to hide that she’s wildly jealous too!

Well, I had to hand it to sister wife #3 Christine. After a season of backstabbing Robyn — saying she wouldn’t want to be as skinny as her, complaining that Kody only cared about Robyn’s needs — she’s finally admitted she’s been a “sister wife” mean girl.

“My treatment of (Robyn) hasn’t been accepting and welcoming to say the least. I made her feel like she wasn’t welcome, that I didn’t want her as a sister wife, like she wasn’t a wife of Kody,” confesses Christine as she prepares a “peace offering” for Robyn.

Her gift is a stitched wall hanging saying “our family has grown by two feet,” which she is framing for Robyn’s baby Solomon’s room.

I admire the formerly youngest and newest wife Christine for so honestly admitting to her feelings now after passively aggressively denying them for months and then griping behind Robyn’s back and being miserable to  husband Kody.

Of course, us non-sister wives can actually completely identify with Christine who has six children with Kody. Why would she have wanted to have even less time with the husband she was already sharing with two other women? Why would she want her children to see even less of their father, who now has 17 kids?

Why would she have supported Kody falling in love with a younger, prettier and slimmer new wife, who got pregnant right away?

Well in the world of sister wives, jealousy ISN’T supposed to be normal. So Christine, clearly feels good about getting over the green-eyed monster.

“I feel bad for blaming her for taking Kody away and for being Kody’s favorite … it’s not OK to treat people mean,” says contrite Christine. “I dread that my children won’t think of her as a mom because of how unfair I’ve been and that’s not OK.”

Christine even admits that she could have potentially caused “this family a lot of harm.” But now she’s claiming Robyn’s baby “is so special to me. I love him. I welcome Solomon (the new baby) as my son.”

Yah right. That I’m not buying.

Janelle, wife #2, at least is honest about how SHE feels about Robyn’s now baby. “I probably won’t get up in the middle of the night to see the baby,” she predicts. “I am excited,” nevertheless she says, sounding completely and utterly NOT excited.

Robyn of course, is oblivious to everything, but the fact that she’s about to give birth at home “naturally,” like she did with her other three kids.

Is it a sister wife thing to give birth “naturally?”

Who knows? But Robyn’s mother gave birth to ALL seven of her kids at home and Robyn says that hospitals scare her. Lucky for her and her mom that she’s never had any complications.

In hospitals Robyn contends “you’ll miss the magic of the actual regular birth that God designed,” she intones. In the hospital, “they’ll throw in a pitocin (a drug to speed up delivery) or an epidural ( yea, right, like they just throw those in without telling you) . My body is designed to carry and deliver the baby — God designed a woman’s body to do that,” recites Robyn.

Like I said — Robyn is so annoying because of course HER body functions perfectly during delivery unlike many woman who have trouble delivering safely and without horrendous pain. And she does sound superior, spouting off as if the maternal and baby childbirth death rates haven’t plunged since the modern era when doctors helped God’s “design” along.

Kody’s teens have majorly mixed feelings about Robyn’s baby as well as their mothers.

“I honestly think we have more kids than we can handle,” says Hunter, who has had a really tough time with the move from Utah to Las Vegas.

“I don’t know if I’m excited, we have so many kids right now,” admits Madison. And again who can blame her, Hunter or any of the other teens. Their dad only spends one in four nights with each of their moms — and that means with them. How can he possibly give them each any attention at all. Meanwhile, Kody is deeply obsessed with his new baby and cries when Solomon arrives. That’s nice, but Kody being a dad isn’t just about sperminating!

When Kody isn’t busy reproducing, he finds time to look for property where the family can one day build four homes — one for each wife — right next to each other. At least, he doesn’t talk about making sure there’s room for a fifth house… and fifth wife.

The family also scouts locations for their unlikely new business — a fitness studio. “It’s humbling that we’re looking at a fitness center because we’re not in the best of shape,” points out Christine, in the understatement of the year. But good for the sister wives to at least be trying to get in shape.

And this family of 21, BETTER find a new source of income besides TV soon because it sure has a lot of mouths to feed and college tuitions to pay.

Plus there will be new fertility treatments coming up.

Robyn and Meri have actually as it turns out bonded the way sister wives are supposed to and have become very close. Meri, wife #1, makes the astounding statement that she’s never had a deep personal relationship with her other sister wives. This is shocking considering that she shared the same house as Janelle and Christine for years! How sad!

But the season finale closes with a heartrending moment as now SUPER perfect Robyn makes the loving and gracious offer to become infertile Meri’s surrogate. “I’ve been praying about it ever since we met — I mean it,” she offers stunned Meri.

Meri, who has previously decided against in vitro, cries and hugs Robyn.

For her sake — I hope she takes up Robyn’s offer and that it works.

For our sake — we’re guaranteed at least one more drama-filled season of Sister Wives!

— Bonnie Fuller

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