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'Once Upon A Time' Star Reveals 'Tough Knocks' Ahead For Jiminy Cricket

Sat, November 26, 2011 12:53pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment

Jiminy himself, Raphael Sbarge, gives the scoop on the cricket’s dark past.

Just asking: Could Jiminy Cricket have a few skeletons in his tiny, adorable closet? Raphael Sbarge promises we’ll learn a lot more about Jiminy’s past on the Nov. 27 episode of Once Upon A Time — in the show’s continuing effort to obliterate everything we thought we know about our fairy tales.

“What we didn’t get in the original telling of the Pinocchio story is how Jiminy Cricket came to be,” Raphael tells “The road that got him the point where he now always says ‘Do the right thing.’ What they do in this episode is tell the genesis of Jiminy’s way of looking at the world. It comes, like any consciousness does, out of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune — some tough knocks. Through that journey, we see how he gets his sense of what right and wrong is.”

And what about Jiminy’s Storybrooke alter ego, Archie? With the recent news that someone in the real world is about to reach their unhappily-ever-after, I couldn’t help but ask Raphael how worried we should all be about Archie.

“As the queen feels more preempted by what is clearly a drawing of lines between good and evil, there are going to be all sorts of opportunities for people to square off,” Raphael says… ever so cryptically. “We’ve seen the mayor trying to control [Archie], and you’ll see in this next episode how and why that is.”

Watch a preview of the Nov. 27 episode below:

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— Andy Swift

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