Parents Outraged At New Co-Sleeping Campaign

Sat, November 26, 2011 8:00am EST by 7 Comments


Parents are FURIOUS at a new ad campaign that compares babies sleeping with their parents to babies sleeping next to a giant meat cleaver! Do you agree?

The campaign was a public service ad put out by Milwaukee’s Health Department and meant to encourage parents to buy a crib rather than have their kids sleep with in parents’ beds, according to The Daily Mail. Isn’t that a bit drastic?

When hearing the reason for the controversial ad it seems understandable, but the visuals make it very unexpected. Parents have spoken out — some more drastic than others — like Cafe Mom blogger Christie Haskell, for example: “I find myself p****d at a campaign that tells you how to safely CRIB sleep but demonizes co-sleeping, rather than teaching how to safely do that too.”

Others agree with the ad: “From an advertising point of view it’s certainly effective if not a bit over the top … it’s grabbed your attention therefore doing its job.”

Some feel that it is a necessary ad due to the many deaths that have recently happened because of co-sleeping: “Baby after baby is dying in this state, all while co-sleeping. Sometimes, drastic situations call for drastic measures.”

What do YOU think HollyMoms? Is the ad too over-the-top, or do you agree?

Raisa Sendrovich

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Posted at 4:24 PM on November 28, 2011  

In some circumstances, such as that highlighted by Mouse, cosleeping works, but in my opinion, its dangerous, n scares the hell out of me. I’ve never co slept with my girls, there’s so many stories of families who have n accidentally rolled over on top of their baby n killed them. So while the add is very dramatic, i think its very direct n to the point, so hopefully will get the message across n save innocent babies lives x

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Posted at 3:11 PM on November 26, 2011  

My sister’s best friend rolled over and accidentally killed her one month old baby. These things happen and seam to be happening a lot! Something needs done about it. It can kill babies and i think this picture is a good one to catch peoples attention to safely care for their children.

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Posted at 2:43 PM on November 26, 2011  

I am an EMT. I had a partner who worked a call where a well-intentioned mother decided to co-sleep with her infant and rolled over on top of the child. She woke up the following morning laying on top of a dead baby. Infants need to be in a crib where there isn’t the possibility of a parent rolling over (or flailing an arm/leg) and crushing or suffocating them.

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Man from Modesto

Posted at 1:01 PM on November 26, 2011  

Some drama is warranted, perhaps, to save lives. But… THIS?

The article says there have been “baby after baby” deaths. What kind of quantity is that? Two? Is the rate less than associated with sudden infant death syndrome?

If based on heuristics, this article is an abuse of state. You have no right in our homes. Keep out.

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Posted at 10:15 AM on November 26, 2011  

mouse, thats nice and all, but the dangers are people who aren’t light sleepers trying it, or people not doing it right. they never said every child got hurt or died, just that a lot have.

on occasion my toddler sleeps with me, but I would never co-sleep. I’m too deep a sleeper, and I toss and turn in my sleep. I don’t think the ad is too over the top if they’re seeing a steady rise in deaths. its ment to get attention, which it did. no where near as bad as the over the top insesitive anti-abortion signs they plaster everywhere.

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Posted at 9:03 AM on November 26, 2011  

I am a single mother and am deaf. I have now a 16 years old son and when he was a baby, because I could not afford the lighting system they have for parents with children/babies. So because of that, I had my son sleep with me. I am a light sleeper and I put my son in the middle of my bed with a pillow on the other side while I slept on the other side. My son slept on his side as a newborn then later on his back and we never had ONE problem at all. I could feel/sense him if he woke up or cried for something. Yes, it was hard to make him sleep in his own bed and a grandma who loved to have my son sleep with her because of her physical disablity so I could work overnights. However, it helped me a great deal being alone and a single mother trying to do the best I could for my son especially being deaf. I can do anything but hear… and my son’s health and needs came first beyond anything else. If I left him in his crib.. many things can go wrong. I do not regret having my son sleep beside me for years. Of course he moved finally on his own to his own bed later than most children do but he is a grown man now at 16 and absolutely amazing kid. There is NOTHING that would support the picture/ad and I am telling you I am pretty sure THEY themselves who made this ad… telling it is better to put kids in cribs….they HAVE had their kids in bed…. so either they are mental… or they are just hiding something… there is nothing wrong with that as long as you do it right and safely. That is my opinion!!!! They can shove it up their nice rear ends for this ad where it don’t shine.

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Posted at 9:30 AM on February 22, 2012  

So, just say something did go wrong? And you (God forbid) injured or caused the death of your “son”. Would you still be saying you didn’t think anything was wrong with co-sleeping? You’d think that this ad was still unnecessary? That co-sleeping is fine. Being deaf is a poor excuse to justify your pro-co outlook, you may as well say that you are a meat cleaver and you’ve never hurt your baby and find this offensive to meat cleaver/baby co-sleeping arrangements… I think I’d have felt your argument was more valid then…

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