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Jenelle Evans' Roommate Moved Out — Is It Because Of Kieffer Delp?

Wed, November 23, 2011 10:27am EDT by 3 Comments
Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans

The new season of ‘Teen Mom 2′ hasn’t started yet, but there’s already MAJOR drama happening!

Jenelle Evans and her then BFF Amber Lane moved in together in October, but Amber’s already moved out — and she’s accusing Jenelle of backstabbing her AND getting back together with bad boyfriend Kieffer Delp!

On Nov. 22 Jenelle gave her side of the story on Facebook:

“this is the latest scooppp… me and amber arent friends no more BECUZ im on probation.. as everyone knows.. anddddd she wants her current b, who JUST CHEATED ON HER when we went to NYC, to live at our house. well my PO stopped by last night and seen his truck and said if i see yu and him over here together then yu guys are going to jail. well i tell amber and him “im sorry but he cant live here”

But Amber contacted to share her side of the story. According to her, Jenelle picked up ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp from the train station after he was released from jail. She said she left that night at 8:30 p.m. because she didn’t want her son around a troublemaker like Kieffer.

Then Jenelle talked Kieffer into turning himself in and asked ex-roommate Tori to take over Amber’s room. But Amber says she asked Tori without talking to her first! Amber says it wasn’t fair that her boyfriend Daryl couldn’t stay at the house, but Kieffer could. So now she’s moving out and asking the landlord to take her name off the lease!

But Jenelle says Amber’s side of the story is SO false! She went to Facebook again to give her opinion:

lets see…. ive never seen kieffer. he never came to my house. I CALLED MY LANDLORD and told her how her “f*ck buddy” JOE WHITAKER is a drug dealer and needs to stay away from me AND her son. not to mention MY LANDLORD TOLD ME to report back to her tomorrow morning about ME removing MY name off the lease becuz amber is too stuck up joes a**. im also very disappointed how her son has to wake up to a different man in “mommy’s bed” every morning. :/ very veryyyy sad. not to mention she washes her son in our dirty kitchen sink. amber is correct about Daryl.. i wasnt allowed to be around him so i BROKE UP WITH HIM after a week and that was the end of that. amber has been staying at MY HOUSE ever since the argument and she is claiming that i have to switch the utilites in HER name so she gets my deposits back? hahahahahaah YEAH RIGHT. amber posted my number on this fanpage which caused ME to change my number at 9am this morning for $25 on my bill. not to mention MY OWN MOTHER is very upset with the actions amber took the other night to take her son out of his crib at 10pm to leave the house with joe when she didnt HAVE to leave… only joe did. now amber has joe, her ex husband ben, james, and her ex fiance steven sleeping over everyother night and amber claims she is having a hard time “juggling boys these days.” every other day she goes on different dates with each of these guys. to the movies, out to eat, everything. she doesnt even kno who the father to her son is. she has 5 different fathers it can possibly be :/ sadddddddddddddd. THIS is the true story.

WOW! Whose story do YOU believe?

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