Did Kate Gosselin Have A Face Lift? Experts Weigh In

Tue, November 22, 2011 4:12pm EST by 13 Comments
Kate Gosselin Face Lift

Every time we see a photo of Kate she keeps looking better and better. But what work does it actually take to have transformation like this? Our experts say it varies from botox, fat injectables to face lifts. Do you think she had work done?

It’s no secret Kate Gosselin, 36, is familiar with going under the knife. And after having eight kids, who could blame her? But after looking at these photos side by side it looks like she’s had MORE work done in the last year. Probably not the best move for an unemployed, single mother of a LARGE brood — don’t you agree? Hollywoodlife.com spoke exclusively to top plastic surgeons nationwide to get to the bottom of this mystery: did Kate Gosselin get a face lift?
“It appears Kate may have lost weight as well as having undergone a face and necklift so that her lower face and jawline appear smoother and more defined, possibly an eyelid lift for younger appearing eyes with a little different shape, Botox to the forehead (and lots of it!), and rhinoplasty surgery, or a nose job, that lowered and straightened the bridge of her nose. What a transformation!” — Dr. Jennifer Walden, Austin, Texas based plastic surgeon

“Kate looks great!  She doesn’t look anything like the bitter reality star of the past.  She looks at least 8-10 years younger. It appears that she’s recently had a few things done at the plastic surgeon’s office.  Her forehead is excessively smooth and wrinkle free, likely due to a hefty dose of Botox.  The skin on her face is smooth and pristine, and can be the result of laser treatments, like Syneron’s new ePrime skin tightening laser.  Her face is fuller and softer than it used to be, consistent with fat grafting injections.  Her lower face and neckline look tighter as well, a possible consequence of a well-performed mini facelift.” — Anthony Youn, M.D., F.A.C.S. YOUN Plastic Surgery

“Kate may have undergone a mini-facelift in conjunction with fat transfer [injected to her cheeks]…Her cheeks are a little fuller, especially in her left cheek [on the Nov. 11 photo]. It could be like that because she is smiling a tiny bit more. But filler of her own fat?  Maybe. Facelift? Possibly, but generally you see other types of changes. Look at her jaw line, she doesn’t have a tremendous amount of laxity.”— New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner, Director of JUVA Plastic Surgery.

” I think the two photos are not comparable. Her head is in a totally different position.” — Beverly Hills, Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming.

“It doesn’t look like she’s had that much done.  There’s no difference between the before and after on her jaw line. She’s smiling and it’s off angle. It’s a little hard to tell.” —  Florida based Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. J. David Holcomb

Now that you’ve heard what the experts have to say, we want to know what YOU think, hollywoodlifers? Do YOU think Kate had a facelift? Vote and weigh in below.

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Posted at 6:44 PM on September 4, 2014  

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Posted at 7:18 PM on November 29, 2011  

I do not know Anyone that looks like that!
She looks so fake!

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Sue B

Posted at 3:41 PM on November 28, 2011  

Why is it that “real” acting celebrities keep their personal lives and kids quiet out in the media? It seems to be the no talent bimbos of reality TV that want their name and family garbage information out there to keep their dysfunctional families dysfunctional. To them, any story is good. So sad and pathetic.

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Posted at 2:13 AM on November 26, 2011  

She looks scary as hell. There’s something wrong with the face, the eyes are moving further apart for one. All perfect karma for an ugly woman inside and out. Keep having more surgery, Kate, you are getting uglier and more lizards with each one

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Posted at 2:18 PM on November 25, 2011  

Good for her, if she feels more confident this way, all the power to her, unfortunately it doesn’t help her personality any.. She’s a hot mess, she seriously need to step out of the spotlight!

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Cleveland Gal

Posted at 9:29 AM on November 23, 2011  

She looks terrible, just another Hollywood plastic zombie.Why do so many women destroy their identities through plastic surgery? It is truly a sad country we live in.

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Posted at 8:10 PM on November 22, 2011  

She looks fabulous! Maybe she did get a face lift. Whatever she did, it looks terrific.

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cheryl story

Posted at 5:31 PM on November 22, 2011  

She sure did and continues to get herself in the news, What’s up with that?

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Posted at 5:17 PM on November 22, 2011  

God, she just won’t go away. She is so desperate to be in the spotlight again. Note to everyone, we WON’T watch/buy anything connected to this money grubber. Funny, she was just saying she needs to get a job to make money. Most people work to support there famillies, not get cosmetic surgery and travel, designer clothes, etc… Please make this site a Kate free site. Boycott HER!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted at 5:14 PM on November 22, 2011  

Her November photo looks distorted. Or she actually distorted her face that much. Either way, its freaking me out

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Posted at 5:09 PM on November 22, 2011  

Who cares? Facelift, no facelift, she continues to be a self-serving, it’s all about me, I’am entitled, mean spirited, friendless, lying mother of 8 test tube babies.

She could be the most attractive person on the planet but her hateful and lying personality over rule any good looks.

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