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Pregnant Jessica Simpson's Shocking Warning From Her Doctor

Tue, November 22, 2011 11:03am EDT by 31 Comments
Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Drama

Jessica Simpson Pregnancy

This should be the happiest time of her life, but health woes, sleepless nights and prenup drama are stressing Jessica out! She’s fed up!

Jessica Simpson was glowing when she announced her pregnancy, but all of that has changed as medical and family drama put her life in turmoil. “She’s said it’s been a difficult pregnancy — she’s been dizzy and nauseous,” a friend told OK!. And her pregnancy has been so difficult that doctors even gave 31-year-old Jessica a stern warning — no more junk food or you’ll hurt the baby!

“They beg her to ease off, but so far she has not been able to help herself,” a friend revealed to OK!. “Everything she eats is highly processed with chemicals and preservatives, white flour and sugar.” Jessica’s been known to love her junk food, but now that she’s pregnant she has an excuse to it her favorite treats (check out below for a step-by-step look at her cravings).

“Her mom and sister Ashlee tell her that all those chemicals are bad for the baby, but she won’t listen,” the insider added. “Jessica has always loved to eat; almost to the point of addiction. Jessica’s drug of choice is food and has been since she was a little kid.”

And fiance Eric Johnson isn’t helping her stay healthy: “She’ll tell Eric to bring her home a brownie, but once she has one, it kind of kicks in a binge. She’ll move onto ice cream, then she’ll want something salty, like potato chips with French onion dip.”

Jessica’s unhealthy diet has made her gain way more weight, and now she’s so uncomfortable. “Everything on her is swollen — out to her feet and hands,” the source told OK!. “Jess says she feels like a beached whale. She’s always too hot. She’s taking three showers a day.”

To make matters worse, the stress has led to many sleepless nights! “She can never find the right position,” the source explained. “Jess is a stomach sleeper and has a hard time adjusting; her breasts and belly are so big. Since she’s pregnant, she can’t even take a mild sleeping pill.”

But finding the right sleeping position isn’t what’s keeping her up at night — it’s the drama between her fiance and her dad, Joe Simpson! According to OK!, Eric is refusing to sign a prenup, and Joe isn’t happy. “It’s been getting worse by the day,” the source said. “Instead of resolving stuff, they’ve only dug themselves deeper. Until this all started they had the most harmonious relationship. But the other day, Jessica said she was starting to think they’d never work it out.”

All the fighting has led to postponing the wedding! But publicly, Jess still says it’s because of her hormones. “When I get stressed out, it’s like 50 times worse,” she said. “So I really want to enjoy that day and now I get to have my baby with me.”

How can Jess stay positive with all the stress? “She just wants to have the baby and be a mom already,” the friend said.

But despite all the drama, the singer-turned-designer can still lean on her fiance and her sister Ashlee Simpson. Throughout all the health scares and nightmares, Ashlee’s counseled Jess. The mom of almost 3-year-old Bronx talks to Jess constantly over the phone and in person, and she’s the ONLY one who can calm her down. To keep Jessica happy, Eric sweetly holds doors open for her, rubs her swollen feet and lets her take her bad mood out on him. “Jessica seems to feel that Eric’s only job in life should be pleasing her,” a source said.

Jessica’s Unhealthy Pregnancy Cravings
Jessica’s eating for two — but she’s taking it to a new level with sugar, sodium and other bad snacks! “It’s wrecking havoc on her blood pressure and cholesterol,” a source told OK!. Here’s some of the worst offenders in her diet:

  • Jack in the Box shakes: Jessica loves them, but they’re 700 calories!
  • Sweet and salty snacks — together: Her favorite snack is salt and vinegar chips, dip and M&Ms, but that’s a day’s worth of salt and sugar.
  • Taco Bell: The fast food joint is easily accessible, but a meal there can be 14 grams of fat.
  • In-n-Out Burger: Sure the cheeseburgers are delicious, but the 1,440 grams of sodium is far from a healthy option.

Did YOU have bad pregnancy cravings? What are your healthy eating tips for Jessica?

-Anna Moeslein

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