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12 Baby Name Trends For 2012

Sun, November 20, 2011 9:00am EDT by 18 Comments

Baby Name Trends 2012

Choosing a baby name can be so difficult! Here’s a list of some trends to look out for — they could help you decide!

Don’t want to end up naming your kid Apple? Nameberry came out with a list of the 12 hottest trends to watch out for this coming year. Here’s what you can expect!

  • Modern Hero Names: Names honoring heroes both real and fictional works for both boys and girls. Have a favorite character, author, sports star or actor? This is your chance to honor them. Example: Mariah Carey’s daughter, Monroe
  • Same But Different Names: Parents want more than anything to avoid overly-used popular names. But some parents are choosing variations of well-liked names. Example: Isabella becomes Arabella or Annabelle
  • Fierce Names: This trend is for the boys: Fearsome names like Bear, Fox, and Wolf are gaining popularity — and definitely the best way to make your kid the toughest around! Example: Bear, Fox or Wolf
  • West: Like the fierce trend, these names have a rough and tumble edge. Expect to see a generation of little cowboys. Example: West, Colt and Wyatt
  • A: I’m all on board for this trend (my name is Anna)! A is now the hottest vowel in baby names.  Example: Aria, Aurelia, Alistair
  • M: If A is the hottest vowel, then M is the top consonant. Example: May, Millie, Milo
  • Adjective Names: Skip the over-used nouns; adjectives are the next thing. Example: Royal, Sunny, True
  • Betty: Call it the Betty White effect, or did Mad Men bring the name back? Example: Betty, duh
  • New Connectors: Names that have a connection like choosing family middle names that are the nicknames of the person being honored. Example: Naomi Watts’s son, Alexander Pete
  • Arlo: This trend apparently comes from the gun-toting grandpa on Justified. Yeah, we don’t get it either. Example: Arlo
  • -ley names: This trend is going to get old, fast. Just stick -ley onto the end of any name. Example: Brinley, Finley, Kinley, you get the idea…
  • -ie names: This has a vintage feel to it, but beware of getting too cutsie. Example: Hattie, Addie

What name would you pick for your kid, HollyMoms? Do any of these trends match your kids’ names?

-Anna Moeslein

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