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Kristen Stewart Clings To Robert Pattinson During 'Ellen'

Fri, November 18, 2011 6:01pm EDT by 32 Comments
Loading video... watched Rob, Kristen and the rest of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ cast in a special episode Nov. 18 and we noticed how Rob eyed Kristen when talking marriage with Ellen!

Kristen Stewart is quite interesting to observe. The 21-year-old appeared totally at ease with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner but we noticed an interesting dynamic between Kristen and her Twilight co-stars. Read on for our breakdown and what this all could mean!

Kristen is totally in love with Rob: Not only did Rob and Kristen hold hands as they walked onto the set, they cozied right up next to each other on the interview couch. Kristen stood right next to Rob every time they got up and she seemed the most at ease with him.

Rob wants to marry Kristen: When Ellen asks Rob if it was a real priest who married them he said “yes” AND he eyes Kristen. He’s totally going to propose!

Kristen and Nikki Reed not getting along? Kristen hugged Ashley Greene but didn’t even look at Nikki. When Ellen was talking to Nikki about her new marriage with Paul McDonald, Kristen appeared uncomfortable and might have even smirked! Is there bad blood here? We know Nikki used to date Rob during the first Twilight film.

Kristen is a total Suzy Homemaker: When Ellen gave the cast their specially made t-shirts, Kristen neatly folded hers on her lap. Meanwhile, Rob left his messy and Taylor threw his over his shoulder — such a guy!

Kristen and Taylor are besties: Kristen was able to do an awesome trick with Taylor by throwing grapes into his mouth at a super long distance. She patted him on the knee and just was really friendly to him during the whole show. It’s clear they are best friends and we love it!

— Elizabeth Murphy


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