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Will Baby Lisa Irwin's Parents Lose Custody Of Her Brother?

Tue, November 15, 2011 12:18pm EDT by 3 Comments
Lisa Irwin

Lisa’s half-brother might be taken from the family — his birth mom is fighting for custody because she says she’s concerned for his safety.

Lisa Irwin’s parents Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin are still missing their precious little daughter — her first birthday was Nov. 11 & mdash; and now there’s even MORE drama: They might lose Jeremy Irwin’s eight-year-old son Blake, too! Can the family stand to lose another child?

According to The Daily Mail, Blake’s natural mother Rasleen Raim has filed an ‘Emergency Motion for Temporary Custody’ and ‘Motion to Modify Child Custody/Visitation’ in the Missouri courts.

Rasleen lost custody of Blake in 2008, and he’s been living with his dad ever since. But now Rasleen claims Blake is in danger — after all, he was there in the house the night his sister vanished, and Deborah admits she was home drunk with the kids that evening.

Rasleen said in a letter that she’s concerned about Blake’s “safety, comfort and peace of mind.”

Last week, Blake and his five-year-old brother Michael were interviewed by child counselors desperately hoping to find new information in the case. The family’s high-profile attorney John Picerno said the interview lasted two hours, but there were no new developments.

“They are cute little boys,” he said. “I first met them this week. The first thing they said when I sat down with them at their kitchen table was, the older one said, ‘Are you going to help us find Lisa?”

Do YOU think Blake’s mom should file for custody or should he be with his family? And where is Lisa?!?

-Anna Moeslein

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