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Gabrielle Giffords Vows To Return To Congress

Tue, November 15, 2011 10:39am EDT by Add first Comment

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Even when Gaby was lying in a hospital bed, unconscious with a bullet through her brain — her husband Mark never lost hope that she would survive.

“And I’m telling them she is going to make a 100 percent recovery,” Mark told Diane Sawyer in a special edition of 20/20 on Nov. 14. “Gabrielle Giffords is too tough to let this beat her.”

Despite all odds being against her — Gaby Giffords is able to sit tall with a smile on her face as she sits with her husband in her first interview since the Jan. 8 shooting in Tuscan, Ariz.

Gaby’s first interview showed never-before-seen footage of Gaby’s life after a bullet was shot through the left side of her brain. In the footage, Gaby lies in the hospital, starring blankly, as her husband tries to get her to smile.

At that time Gaby could barely speak, and if she did, she’d mix up her words and misidentify objects. But there was something she did recognize — her wedding ring. Mark used their rings to start the recovery process.

“She doesn’t give up,” her husband Mark said in the interview. After all, two and half weeks after the shooting, Gaby was able to give a thumbs up.

As for Gabby in the interview, it’s clearly still very difficult for her to speak. She only can form one or two-word sentences, usually ones Mark has to help her with. But she never spoke without a smile on her face.

And when Diane asked if she plans on returning to Congress again, Gabby said: “better, better,” which means she will return when she is better, Mark said.

We’re so happy to hear Gabby is having such a successful recovery! Her story is truly a miracle and an inspiration to all!

Check out the clip from the interview above and sound off in your comments below!

— Nicole Karlis

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