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'Desperate Housewives' Recap: Susan 'Confesses' To The Murder

Mon, November 14, 2011 12:01am EDT by Andy Swift 5 Comments

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in Susan’s case, just one: GUILTY!

These goosebumps on my arm can mean only two things: Either I forgot to pay my heating bill, or the Nov. 13 episode of Desperate Housewives was just that good. Chuck (Jonathan Cake) is almost finished figuring out what happened to Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) stepfather — and you know what was a huge help? Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) painting of the four women standing over his dead body!

But Chuck isn’t the only enemy plaguing the residents of Wisteria Lane. Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) and Bree (Marcia Cross) are both facing the same foe — alcohol — but they’re at very different stages of the battle. Carlos finally agreed to check into rehab, while Bree is losing her own grip on sobriety. The episode ended with her clutching a glass of wine, and we all remember how well that crisis ended last time.

Side note: It sucks to be Carlos Solis! Through his time on the show, he’s been cheated on, arrested (twice I believe), blinded (albeit temporarily), and now he’s an alcoholic? This guy just can’t catch a break.

And in keeping with what is now a weekly tradition on the show, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) made a complete fool of herself. When she received flowers from Tom (Doug Savant) for their anniversary, she was filled with renewed hope, and decided to sneak a bottle of his favorite scotch into his new apartment. Little did she know Tom had pre-ordered those flowers to come every year, and that he’s still very much into his new girlfriend, Jane.

For once, Lynette should listen to René (Vanessa Williams) and move on already!

We have a few weeks off from the drama on Wisteria Lane — the next new episode airs Dec. 4 — so let’s spend that time wisely by cooking up some insane theories:

>>>Will Tom and Lynette ever get back together?
>>>How will Bree’s relapse affect the other women?
>>>Could Chuck be the one who wrote that infamous letter? If so, what’s his connection to Mary-Alice?

— Andy Swift

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