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Kody Brown and The Sister Wives Diss Idea of Plural Brother Husbands Preview

Fri, November 11, 2011 5:20pm EDT by 3 Comments

We think they’re crazy for wanting to be sister wives but the Brown family think we’re nuts for even asking why they don’t believe in brother/husbands.

This episode, the Browns travel to Boston to face questions from college students in a religious studies class and they seem incredulous that the students don’t get why they wouldn’t be as gung ho about brother husbands as sister wives.

So why do Kody, his wives and their religious community believe in polygamous marriage? Well, they’ve never really answered that question but they came the closest here, responding to student questions.

“All religions have rules and beliefs that they think bring them close to God, and they can be as simple as rules that you can, and can’t eat,” explains Janelle.

Though of course, those rules can also be as incredibly complicated as plural marriage, for the Brown family.

“Living plural marriage is a commandment designed for our happiness. We just don’t do it the other way around,” insists Janelle.

Kody just LAUGHS when the idea of brother husbands is brought up as if the rest of us are just clueless for even wondering about it.

Meanwhile Meri is insistent that polygamous marriage is the cat’s meow. “The way a plural marriage is for us – is one of one man and multiple wives.”

“We just don’t do it the other way around,” says Meri, who has two reasons for buying into that. “From a religious standpoint, I don’t believe in it and from a personal standpoint I wouldn’t choose multiple husbands because then I wouldn’t have any ‘me time’ and I’m just not going there!”

Sounds like Meri is quite happy to only have Kody one/quarter of the time.

Kody- should you be proud of that?

-Bonnie Fuller


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