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A 10-Year-Old Girl Gave Birth To A Baby AND She's Breastfeeding!

Fri, November 11, 2011 3:40pm EDT by 59 Comments
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This young Mexican girl is practically a child herself, but she just gave birth to a baby boy!

Most 10-year-old girls are still playing with dolls, but not this girl! After 31 weeks of pregnancy, a 10-year-old gave birth to a 3.3 pound premature infant — and she’s even breastfeeding!
According to NY Daily News, the baby was born by Caesarian at the Women’s Hospital in the city of Puebla, and now he’s in intensive care because of pneumonia. But his mother visits everyday to breastfeed!

The Puebla Attorney General’s Office is investigating whether or not the girl was raped, according to the hospital’s director Rogelio Gonzalez. The circumstances are definitely strange: Mexican law states young moms can’t have abortions unless they prove they were the victim of sexual assault.

Still, this girl was too young to have a child, even in the state’s eyes: The minimum age of consent in her state is 12-years-old (which is STILL to young if you ask us!).

The girl hasn’t been named, but reports say she and the baby are both in good condition.

Shocking! 10 years old is TOO young to have a child! What do you think?

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