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'X Factor' Recap: Rachel Crow, 13, Kills The Competition!

Thu, November 10, 2011 9:01am EDT by 12 Comments
Rachel Crow X Factor

She’s BACK! Rachel Crow finally performed to her full potential on ‘The X Factor’ Nov. 9. I think we’ve found our winner!

Flash forward a couple months and I know we’ll still be watching Rachel Crow slay it on The X Factor! Despite a couple less than stellar weeks, the 13-year-old singer was back and better than ever for Movie Night Nov. 9. Adorable, but wise beyond her years, Rachel reminds me of a Beyonce and Shirley Temple mix — she’s a star!

Here were my thoughts on the contestants tonight:

Stacy Francis: Stacy started the night out with Whitney Houston‘s “Queen of the Night” from The Bodyguard and although she hit the notes, it wasn’t my favorite performance. I felt like I was getting screamed at the whole time. I like Stacy, but this song wasn’t a good choice on Nicole’s part.

Marcus Canty: Marcus was trying to show off his vocal abilities more than just focusing on his dance moves and charisma — and it definitely worked for me. I had no clue he was that vocally gifted. “Everything about you, from head to toe, resonates star,” Paula raved.

Drew: Drew gave me chills with her rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Her voice is piercing and the emotion she brings to table is astonishing for a 14-year-old performer. L.A. had a good point, though. Drew is always the same…but I don’t know it would be smart for her to change it up. Also, I definitely agreed with Paula: her crazy, puffy strapless dress was horrible.

LeRoy Bell: I say this every single time LeRoy steps in front of the camera: he must be drinking from the fountain of youth. There’s just no way he’s 59 years old! It’s like he’s a real life character from the movie, Death Becomes Her. As far as his song was concerned, I thought he was good. I’m not a die hard, but I enjoy watching him. “The fact that you’re 60 years old and you sound like you’re 20…I think this was your best performance,” Simon said.

Lakoda Rayne: All of the girls in Lakoda Rayne are super hot, which is keeping them around. They aren’t bad, but they aren’t vocally killer either. I loved their song choice — “Somebody Like You” — but over all, they aren’t the strongest contestants. That said, the judges were complimentary and I expect to see them around next week. “You are the group I always hoped and wished you’d become,” Simon said.

Astro: I think Astro is phenomenal. What 14-year-old kid writes his own raps that he performs in front of millions of people LIVE every single week?? He’s crazy talented. And his shout out to the rapper who died this week? Genius. “You have that work ethic. You are incredibly creative. I think you are actually a great role model right now…Astro, you have the X factor,” Simon said. I have chills still from watching him! #swag

Melanie Amaro: Melanie’s throat was bugging her this week, but you never would have known by listening to her. She killed Michael Jackson‘s “Man In the Mirror” and I loved seeing a lighter, more smiley side to her. There’s no doubt in my mind Melanie will make it very far. She’s awesome. “You’re a great singer but I don’t see the range in choice,” L.A. complained.

Stereo Hoggz: Although the Stereo Hoggz are talented and entertaining, I don’t think they have what it takes to make it right now in the music world. Are people still into boy bands like this? They seem very 2000s. At this point, I’d rather see the Stereo Hoggz in Las Vegas, not on The X Factor. “You’ve got to become less cabaret and you’ve got to become more recording artist,” Simon recommended. I completely agreed.

Josh Krajcik: I love Josh. No matter what he sings, he makes me happy. Even though I don’t think he’ll win the entire competition, I need him around for several more weeks. “Your voice is comforting. It’s like chicken soup for the soul,” Paula said, with a huge smile. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Chris Rene: When Chris made it to the live shows, I was upset with L.A., but he’s proven me wrong. Tonight his rap was crystal clear and grounded. It was fantastic and I see him doing well outside of just this TV show. “Welcome back, Chris Rene,” Simon said.

Rachel Crow: Simon admitted he hasn’t done a great job with Rachel and I agree. She’s full of potential and she finally reached it tonight with her song from Cadillac Records. We finally got to see her maturity again — both vocally and emotionally. She also looked fabulous. “Tonight you proved you have the eye on the target. You were GREAT! My favorite yet,” L.A. said. Side note: How funny was it when Nicole went to congratulate Simon on the song choice and Rachel said it was HER idea? She’s BRILLIANT. Rachel for the win!

Who do  YOU think will be cut tomorrow? Who’s your favorite to win right now?

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