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Robert Pattinson Says: The 'Breaking Dawn' Birth Scene Was 'Horrific'!

Wed, November 9, 2011 1:36pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments
Kristen Stewart
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Rob says the ‘Breaking Dawn’ set was covered in blood and Kristen really looked like she was dying! He even had to stab her in the heart with a needle!

Robert Pattinson was absolutely terrified while filming the Breaking Dawn birthing scene and we can understand why! Rob says the hair and makeup is so well done in the film that you actually think Kristen Stewart is being eaten alive by her half-vampire daughter Renesmee!

“I think it was more horrific filming it,” Rob says of the birthing scene. “I think it would be impossible to show the full extent of what the set looked like without it being R-rated. I remember going onto the set the first day and they had this prosthetic dummy as Kristen and it was so emaciated with this huge mutated baby bump. And her ribcage was sticking out! She was just lying there dead like a zombie, just covered in blood! She was wearing these rags and I was like ‘Jesus, how is this ever going to be in the movie?’”

YIKES! Now we’re actually a bit scared to see it — but that’s not even the worst part!

“We were doing one of those adrenaline shots into the heart. Oh man it was horrible and I did that, there was a breastplate on Kristen … it was actually her head and I was like ‘I really don’t want to stab you.’” Rob says. “Bits of it were a dummy and she had prosthetic things like her cheek bones were extended … even in the flesh she looked like she was green! It was terrible! A horrible horrible sight!”

Doesn’t it sound like this movie should be rated R?

— Chloe Melas

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