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The Maternity Must List: 11 Things Our HollyBaby Bloggers Can't Live Without!

Tue, November 8, 2011 4:41pm EDT by 2 Comments

Want to know what the essentials are for the 9 (10) months of pregnancy? Bloggers Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton fill us in on the items they couldn’t live without!

As we are FINALLY getting to the end of this pregnancy, I thought it would be smart for Neil and I to write down the top things that got us through. Every day I seem to be forgetting more and more what life was like 3 and 4 months ago, so hopefully this will help other HollyBaby Moms before they get baby amnesia as well. I have also polled some of the most fabulous moms and moms-to-be on this one, so know that I wasn’t alone. Here goes!


Prenatal Yoga
I was a bit skeptical at first only because at 12 weeks I felt like I could still do regular yoga, so why waste time chanting and sitting on blocks when I could do a one handed down-dog… (that may be an exaggeration). However, prenatal yoga has helped in SO many ways. I got to meet other pregnant moms and it was always exciting to see who was due when. I learned how to take care of my constantly changing body by stretching and preventing problems as opposed to dealing with them once it was too late. Most importantly; it just felt good.

Body/Wedge Pillow
I have to say this is not something I partook in, but every single woman I polled swore by theirs. Each had a different brand or strategy, but it seemed to be the #1 on everyone’s list.

A Pregnant Friend
This was a lifesaver!!! Having someone to talk to about things that were happening, or going to happen with your body, as well as someone who understood the hormonal imbalances you were going through (no matter WHAT he says Neil just did not get it) My freak-outs seemed a little less worrisome when I knew other completely normal rational women had cried over something trivial like closet doors, too.

Ice Cream
This was high in the poll as well. I have to admit, I absolutely indulged in the stuff myself, but I think that’s because I never allowed myself more than 4 oz of Tasti-D-Lite pre-pregnancy

Body Cream/Oil/Stretch Mark Lotion
There were a few brand differentials among people but the front runners were Bio-Oil, Palmers, Mamma Bee (Burt’s Bees) and a new one I’ve just heard of: Boob Tube.

Note Pads for Lists
This didn’t happen to me until the third trimester, but all of a sudden my brain was gone. I would drive all the way to the grocery store and completely forget what I needed. I felt so bad the next week I made a list, then forgot the list on the kitchen counter!!! This also helps when you get to the “Holy S%$t, I have SO much to do before the baby gets here” stage. Making lists and crossing things off makes the projects go by so much faster. I had one friend recommend putting items on the list that I had already completed just so I didn’t feel like NOTHING had been done.

A Friend Who Has a Pregnant Wife or a Kid
Seek out friends who are going through a pregnancy, or who did so recently. This will help when you A) Think your wife has lost your mind or B) Your wife tells you that YOU have lost your mind.

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy
Of all the pregnancy books, this was the easiest to read and takes a lot of the terror out of a prospective pregnancy. It also doesn’t sugar coat anything, which helps since Sarah stopped sugar coating around week 14.

Contingency Planning
Get some really good iPhone apps. Do you know where to get a reuben sandwich at one in the morning? You should. Know the location of all ice cream parlors within a 2 mile radius (use the AroundMe app for that) and just in case, put your wife’s doctor’s number in your phone.

The Ability to Count to 10
Sometimes you just have to realize she’s emotional, and rather than countering with a pithy or cutting remark, hold your tongue and think whether you want to carry the baby instead… this is one I’m still working on.

According to friends with young children, you may as well get as much sleep now while you still can. And if that sleep has to be while relegated to the couch in order to accommodate a body pillow, white noise machine or anything else she needs to help her sleep, then so be it.

-Sarah Main and Neil Eggleton

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