Robert Pattinson At 'Twilight' Convention: Our Fans Are 'Literally Insane!'

Sun, November 6, 2011 12:19am EST by 8 Comments

At the ‘Twilight’ convention in California Nov. 5, Rob Pattinson thanked Twi-hards for everything they’ve done throughout the years…in a very awkward and adorable way!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Bill Condon sat on the most exciting panel of the Breaking Dawn convention in Century City, Calif. Nov. 5 and in true R-Patz form, Rob awkwardly ended the conversation by thanking his fans…sort of.

First, it has to be said — Rob, Kristen and Taylor were adorable and goofy with each other. Clearly more at home with their fans than in press interviews, the trio joked around with one another and the audience; they’ve grown more comfortable than ever with all the attention they receive from being mega stars.

At the end of the session, all of the actors thanked the fans and their co-workers for everything throughout the last couple years, however, Rob’s was by far the funniest answer.

“The amount of press and stuff we do, it’s insanely boring. Now people are screaming ‘pull your pants down’ or whatever, it does make it a little more exciting,” the 25-year-old actor said, acknowledging the room of screaming Twi-hards. “The Twilight fans — it’s like throw a bunch of people together. I’ve never seen fanatics with such a love for a series. Even Harry Potter.”

At this point, the crowd went nuts.

Rob continued, “Twilight fans are literally on the verge of being literally insane. It’s like being hit by a tidal wave. It’s been a lot of fun over the years.”

Do YOU think Twi-hards are the best fans? Are they bordering on insane as Rob said?

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Posted at 5:00 PM on November 6, 2011  

I disagree. I think Rob was being sarcastic, as he was pissed for being yelled “you are in the closed.” Besides, we all know how he feels about the insane screams. He does think the fans are crazy. And Kristen’s comment about “the dance with Taylor was the only one that really matter” was definitely a shot against Rob’s comment about the last dancing scene in Twilight that “started this really big thing.” Now, I don’t know, and won’t try to guess, what it means. It is for them only to know.

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Posted at 11:45 AM on November 6, 2011  

Yes, I am an insane Twilight fan, will be there at midnight with my 2 best friends and by the way I am 60, love Rob, got an old lady crush. cant wait

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Posted at 2:33 AM on November 6, 2011  

Totally love Rob! He’s so funny! Making me laugh with that quick witted humor! I love being borderline insane! The remarks about him not knowing her b-day and her not knowing the year he was born didn’t bother me at all! I laughed, literally! Yes, give them a break! I love them because they are so human and show it. Down to earth.They are such amazing actors and perfect as Bella and Edward! Rob might google himself, so, Hey Rob! Love You! Hope to meet you! Thank you and Kristen and Taylor for potraying these very loved and beautiful characters! For bringing them to life in the amazing and beautiful Twilight Saga!! Never will forget the movies or you! Rob said he googles himself in a interview! So just in case! Lol!!

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Posted at 11:51 AM on November 6, 2011  

Very well said. I agree 100% Also, he says their fans are bordering on insane….he does say that lovingly. They are so very down to earth and say it like it is. They don’t have someone feeding them lines to say. I love that about them. They think for themselves. I love them all. This is why their fans are so insanely in LOVE with all three of them. BECAUSE THEY ARE SO REAL. Like they could all just be a friend right down the road from you., that you know would know on a daily basis. I would so love to meet them…..I love Rob and Kristen and wish them all the GREATEST SUCCESS in the world and more. I hope they stay together forever. THEY are so PERFECT TOGETHER as a COUPLE!!!!! xoxo

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Posted at 2:11 AM on November 6, 2011  

i agree hahah ..coz the real reason is that..krsiten,tayor and rob are way more cooler, nicer in real life and that made us craving and obssessed for more. it didnt stop us to adore them beyond Twilight. i actually like them in real more than in twilight.They are so niceeeeeeee….

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Posted at 2:07 AM on November 6, 2011  

rob has always a way to make things adorable, sweet and funny…deep inside rob has always appreciate his fans. he is the most humble,generous and hands on with fans. that is why we are on the verge of insanity coz rob made us to become one hahahha

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Posted at 1:48 AM on November 6, 2011  

Yeah, I have to say they are. Some of them obsess over every photo or attack Kristen or Rob for no reason. I’m calling out both the Robstens and the Nonstens. Not saying either one is perfect, but sometimes the fans seem to lose it over the littlest things like him missing her birthday by one day or they accuse her of being mean to him. I’ve never seen either one of them say anything bad about the other one or roll their eyes at each other or anything. Nikki Reed, on the other hand, is the only Twi star who has ever really criticized any of the other ones. The birthday thing, cut the guy a break. He was one day off. Same with the Robstens who think they have some sort of secret marriage. It is like relax, people, they are clearly happy with whatever they have and they don’t want people to know the details. They are the anti-Justin and Selena.

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Posted at 1:01 AM on November 6, 2011  

Yes, I am borderline insane when it comes to The Twilight Saga.

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